A pile of WIPs

So it seems that I have quite a few projects on the needles right now. Technically, one of these is off the needles…but isn’t finished yet since it needs buttons.

First up is the WIP that just needs buttons:

I haven’t quite decided on buttons yet, which is really why it’s not finished. I found some cute purple buttons in my small button stash, but they were way too small. The pattern is the Saltwater Taffy Baby Cardigan by Adrienne Hicks of Wool Candy. I purchased the kit from her etsy shop and included in the kit was the pattern and enough Fondant Merino DK yarn for the sweater. There’s actually quite a bit leftover and I’m going to try and make a hat to match using the slip stitch pattern from the sweater. The sweater is for a silent auction for Mighty Oaks. Speaking of Mighty Oaks…my next WIP is going into the silent auction at the end of the month as well, but isn’t nearly as far along!

Also knit in Wool Candy Fondant DK, this will be a little boy sweater using the fabulous dinosaur buttons that I purchased at Lil’ Red Button Boutique on etsy. I’m really pleased with the way it’s knitting up, and the colors are amazing!

Next up is an adult sized sweater…for me!

Of course, all that’s really left is the sleeves. And we all know how much I love to knit sleeves (not!). However, these sleeves should go fairly fast once I sit down and devote a few hours to them. Aran weight yarn and size 10.5 needles help, that’s for sure! The pattern is the Solstice Cardigan by Cecily Glowick MacDonald and it’s knit in Quince & Co. Osprey. When I finish, I’ll write a more detailed review of the yarn…but let’s just say, I’ll definitely be buying more of this. Probably for one of these in the near future!

And lastly, for now anyways, is a shawl I’ve been plugging away at.

Knit in Three Irish Girls Kells Sport Merino, my Scalene is growing little by little. I’m about 3/4 of the way through the first section, and it’s a great mindless project to work on.

I have no new spinning to show off, but should have some new project bags in the next few days. I spent a good part of the day today piecing together some bags. And also working on a secret project that I’ll be able to show you sometime next week.

In non-fiber arts news, Seth completed the Peterson Ridge 40-miler last Sunday! We had a great weekend in Sisters hanging out with some other local ultra-runners. While Seth was racing, I spent most of the day driving to the various aid stations to watch him and bring him supplies. During one longer break, though, I drove back into town and spent some time shopping at the Stitchin’ Post. I could have spent a fortune in there, but was able to restrain myself and pick up just a few things that I, um, needed.

Seth coming through Aid Station 3

Why, yes. That is a track Seth is running on. Poor runners. They come around towards the finish line and then realize they have to run 3/4 of the way around the track to the actual finish line! See those hurdles back there? I saw a couple of runners hurdle them. But I’m fairly sure that they had only run the 20 mile race, and not the 40 miler. 

And just for fun….we’ll end with a Grey Poodle picture:

Maybe next post I’ll actually have finished one of those WIPs….or just maybe there will be more projects on the needles!


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