A Nook Case for Aimee!

My very good friend Aimee recently purchased a Nook e-reader, and I promised to make her a quilted case to keep her Nook cozy and safe. Thankfully, the Nook is the same size as my Kindle so I didn’t have to guess as to the fit. Aimee had mentioned that she really liked a certain bag that had been up in the etsy shop, and I used the same fabrics to make her Nook case.

Pretty cute, huh? 

I used a tutorial that I found here. It was a great tutorial and was nice that I didn’t have to figure out the measurements of everything. The whole thing took about an hour including cutting, pressing, sewing, more pressing, and more sewing. Though, many of the pieces I took from scraps and were quite close to the measurements I needed, so the cutting time was very short.

The only modification to the tutorial/pattern I made was to use a piece of fabric as the loop instead of a piece of twine. It suggested cotton yarn as an alternative, but I didn’t think it would be sturdy enough.  

That’s my Kindle hanging out in Aimee’s case trying it out for size!

I forgot to take pictures of the back and the lining, but I assure you, it’s fabulous.

We spent a bit of time in our own personal construction site, otherwise known as our backyard, this weekend. Seth ripped down the tall fence/wall on Saturday. And by ripped down, I mean he unattached it from the shorter fence and basically kicked it over. Good to know it was nice and sturdy….or not.

Here’s what the backyard looked like on Saturday as we (mostly Seth…I did a lot of pounding down of nails) disassembled the fence:

Seth working hard.

I’m happy to report that all the fencing on the ground has been taken apart and cleared out. Tomorrow’s agenda includes finishing the removal of the ugly bush/tree to clear a space for a kayak storage something-or-other. I’m told it will look like an Adirondack Lean-To.

Sailor hung out in the backyard with us all weekend:

Sailor sporting his new summer haircut.

I think that’s all the news for now! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!



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4 responses to “A Nook Case for Aimee!

  1. Ellen

    Love the case!

  2. Aimee

    Wow, that Aimee is one lucky girl to get such an awesome case for her Nook!

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