Zion Traverse 50-Miler

Or 55-miler if your names are Seth and Chris! After arriving in Las Vegas last Friday night and spending the night, we headed to Zion National Park. On the way to the hotel, we took a bit of a detour to find the trailhead where I was planning on meeting the boys to bring them supplies during their run. We found the trailhead and parking lot without too much of a problem and happened to run into another runner who was 37-miles into the same 50-mile run. He gave Seth and Chris some advice on a poorly marked trail, and we headed farther up the road to try and find yet another spot where I could bring them food and water. However, there was quite a bit of flooding and access to another spot was impossible. After arriving at the hotel, we made a spaghetti dinner (gotta love carb-loading night!) and turned into bed early so that I could drive the boys to the East Entrance of the park to start their run.

We were out the door by 4am, and Seth and Chris were off and running by around 4:30 equipped with headlamps, water, food, and cameras for the amazing views in Zion. I was able to meet them in the park around 7:30am to bring them PB&J sandwiches and remind them to put sunscreen on. As soon as they arrived in the parking lot, they told me that both of their camera batteries had died already! Oops. Duct tape was taped to feet, sunscreen was applied, water was refilled, and PB&J sandwiches were inhaled…and then they were off again:

We had quite a few hours until the next meet-up, so my parents and I took the trolley through the park and took a short, but beautiful 2-mile hike at the very end of the park loop.

There were beautiful views and very bold squirrels! Including a squirrel who tried to steal trail mix right out of a lady’s pocket!

Later in the afternoon my Dad and I drove to the trailhead to meet the boys, and we waited, and waited, and waited some more. Just when I was starting to get worried and say things like, “If they don’t arrive in 45-minutes, I’m calling the Park Rangers”, they showed up. Apparently the poorly marked trail that the other runner told them about was reallllly poorly marked. The boys ended up running about 5-miles extra, which accounted for their lateness in arriving at that point in the run.

Of course, they had requested pizza for the end of their run. So, we headed back into town and ordered ourselves dinner and got some pizzas to go, and then headed back out to Lee’s Pass (the west end of the park) to wait for them to finish. Seth and Chris finished their 50-miler 55-miler, and were feeling good enough the next day to hike! A vast improvement on last year’s 50-mile adventure in the Grand Canyon. Naturally, they’re already planning the next “build-your-own-ultramarathon,” likely running some obscene number of miles around the base of Mt. Rainier (90-something miles over 3 days, I think).

I didn’t knit a single stitch while we were on vacation….but I did bind-off  a shawl tonight, so I swear there will be something fiber related on the blog soon!


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