Shop Update Previews!

Better late than never, right?! Let’s get right to it! These will all go up in the shop on Friday May 27th at 11am Pacific Time.

Moaning Myrtle: 210 yards of navajo-plied, worsted weight yarn in BFL/Alpaca (80/20). This skein has fairly long color runs and will most likely stripe when knit up. 

Will be $32 in the shop

Seaweed Salad: Approximately 300 yards of super-soft organic merino. This is spun thick and thin, but averages a light dk/heavy sport weight.

Will be $35 in the shop

Sister I’m a Poet: 315 yards of Superfine Merino spun thick and thin…average weight is worsted. This skein is ridiculously soft. 

Will be up in the shop for $35

Everyone’s Got a Random: (any Glee fans out there?) 230-yards of worsted weight Shetland wool. 

Will be in the shop for $27

Dirigible Plums: 220-yards of 100% Alpaca in a worsted weight 2-ply yarn. This yarn has a gorgeous halo from the alpaca!

Will be $32 in the shop

Well, that’s it folks! All the fiber for the update was dyed by the lovely ladies at Two if by Hand….if you haven’t noticed, I like their fiber just a little bit 😉


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