Photography Class: Day 3

Are you all sick of seeing pics from my photography class yet? This is the last day, I promise!

For our third day of the class, we met in the afternoon…so we took my Mom back into Bryce National Park in the morning so she could see it when it wasn’t completely covered in fog!

Gorgeous, right?!

After walking around the park for a while, my Dad and I headed about an hour away from Bryce to Calf Creek Falls Recreation Area. There was a 3-mile hike out to the waterfall, but it was relatively flat and gorgeous, of course! At the end of the trail, you come across this:

For anyone wondering how to get a waterfall photo like this, it was relatively easy. We used a tripod and cable release for all of our photos regardless of where we were shooting. We shot in aperture priority the entire time at f22, for the largest depth of field. I had a circular polarizer on my lens, which in this case helped knock down the shutter speed a bit for the smooth water look. The other thing that helped is that the waterfall is shaded. One suggestion we were given is to use the dark portion of the graduated density filters over the whole lens if your shutter speed still isn’t slow enough.

I think my most favorite photos from the class came from day 3!

I do actually have some knitting to show off. Or rather, one piece of knitting.

Pattern: Kiva Hattu by Courtney Kelley

Yarn: The Fibre Company Organik (Wool/Alpaca/Silk)

Modifications: None! I followed the pattern exactly, and love the finished product. It was a bit slow going due to the cabling every other row, but it was well worth the extra time it took. The yarn was fabulous to knit with. I think the high wool content will help the hat keep it’s shape, the alpaca makes it super soft, and the silk gives it a wonderful shine. So far, I’ve been really impressed with The Fibre Company yarns.

I’m still plugging away on my Estelle Cardigan, but still nothing really to show for it!



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2 responses to “Photography Class: Day 3

  1. Ellen

    I especially love the first waterfall shot. And the hat looks great!

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