Starting to Take Shape

The backyard is really coming together and starting to look fabulous! More stone was laid yesterday, and today we took 2 truck loads of garbage to the landfill (concrete blocks and rotted wood from the deck), and brought 2 truck loads of bark nuggets (yes, they’re called bark nuggets at the landscaping place) home!

Check it out:

It’s crazy how much better it looks now that the pile of concrete is gone and the bark nuggets are down!

We’ll probably plant some low flowers where the bark chips are.

Steps up into the yard.

How awesome does the step look with the brick around the bottom and the stone top? Pretty awesome, I say.

Better picture of the fabulous stone topped table.

More fabulous stonework.

Still no knitting/spinning/sewing to show! But I do have some custom handspun skeins that are drying, so I’ll take pictures of those tomorrow before I ship them off to their new owner!

Oh…but before I go….a pic of our very large lap dog:



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2 responses to “Starting to Take Shape

  1. Seth and his dad are ridiculously talented! The patio and kayak storage look amazing! Love that brick and stone table. Are they for hire? 😉 I have never heard mulch referred to as bark nuggets…that is SO quirky!

    • Thanks! Seth’s dad does masonry work for a living, so this is like nothing for him! Of course, he and Seth are busy plotting the next project for the next time he visits (adding a 1/2 bath, I think)!

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