Black Sheep Gathering

In my last post I mentioned that I went to the Black Sheep Gathering to buy my loom. I sort of skimmed over most of the booths so that I wouldn’t be too tempted to buy tons of stuff besides the loom. I did end up with a few things, but before buying anything I went and walked through the sheep barn. Most of the sheep are really friendly and come right up to the edge of their pen when you walk by. I forgot my camera, so I used the instagram app on my phone to take some pics of the cute sheep:

This guy was my favorite….he was a Romney Sheep, I think.

There were also adorable alpacas outside:

Now onto the fibery goodies…

All the fiber and yarn I purchased was from the same shop. It was the first booth I walked by outside and they had a ton of stuff that was just screaming to come home with me!

8 ounces of Polwarth Roving from Huckleberry Knits 

BFL/Silk laceweight yarn from Huckleberry Knits

Merino/Silk fingering weight yarn from Huckleberry Knits

And of course there was the loom purchase. I’m going to warp the loom again tomorrow and start another scarf!

Today, though, I did a bunch of sewing for the shop and finished spinning a skein of yarn.

Merino/Yak (50/50) dyed by Two if by Hand in “Over the Top”

The yarn isn’t nearly as bright in real life…it’s much more subtle, but I couldn’t quite capture it with the camera. 

It might end up as a hat for Seth….and maybe some fingerless mitts for me with the leftovers. But who knows!


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