Well, hello there!

This evening two bucks decided to hang out in our yard munching on plants! Seth saw a van parked out in front of the house and then casually said, “there’s a deer eating a bush in the front yard.” I took a peek and then went running to grab the camera. I wasn’t sure if the pictures would come out since I was taking them through the front window, but they actually didn’t come out too bad! Thankfully Sailor didn’t notice them, otherwise I’m sure their visit would have been much shorter!

This guy didn’t stay quite as long, but he had a good snack under the Japanese Maple!

Cool, right?! I saw our neighbor when I brought Sailor out tonight and she said she’s seen a group of 3 bucks in the neighborhood in the mornings when she walks her dogs.

In other news…the canning season has begun!

Seth and I made some strawberry jelly from the 25 lbs of fresh strawberries that we picked last week. We ended up with 9 jars of regular strawberry jelly and 1 jar of strawberry-raspberry jelly. We didn’t quite have enough strawberry for a full 10th jar, so Seth ran out to the raspberry bushes in the yard and added enough raspberries to fill the jar!

Last summer we picked up The Big Book of Preserving the Harvest, and it has great recipes and tips for canning/preserving all sorts of fruits and veggies. We won’t have too much more to preserve before the end of the summer….it all depends on how well the garden does. Last summer and fall we made several kinds of jelly, made applesauce from the apple tree in the yard, and canned all the pears from our pear tree. I’m hoping to be able to make pickles with the cucumbers in the garden this year, and maybe some tomato sauce to save for the winter.

I finished another woven scarf today! But no pictures yet since it was dark by the time I finished. Pictures to come soon!





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