Tour de Fleece: Day 2

Why, yes. I am a gigantic dork and take part in things like “camping” by knitting, and “cycling” by spinning. The Tour de Fleece is basically a gigantic Spin-a-Long on Ravelry that takes place during the Tour de France. I missed the first day (yesterday) because we were busy dropping Seth’s Mom and Joe at the airport, grocery shopping, cooking, and then hosting a little dinner party out on the patio.

So…we’ll start off Le Tour with Day 2’s spinning:

250-ish yards of Organic Merino in “Life is a Session”, dyed by Two if by Hand 

I spun the entire thing today, which most definitely will not happen every day of the tour. The yarn will probably end up in the shop after it’s washed and dried.

Want to see some my second weaving project? Yes, of course you do!

The second scarf went much faster, despite the fact that it’s quite a bit longer than the first. I used MadelineTosh Tosh DK in Lichen, which is my absolute favorite MadelineTosh colorway. I always love the way the small bits of purple knit up, so I thought they’d look even better woven. And they do!

The edges look a MILLION times better than my first scarf!

I’m officially obsessed!

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