Benton County Fair

This past Friday I headed a few miles away to the Benton County Fair to see our friend Betty’s daughters show their sheep. I arrived late in the afternoon and was able to have Betty explain all the ins and outs of the Showmanship part of showing the lambs before S came out with her lamb, whose name is Ke$ha (ha!).

S walking Ke$ha around the ring

S setting up her lamb for the judge

Lamb Showmanship is all about how the kids handle the sheep and how they set up the sheep to look it’s best. Earlier in the week was Lamb Market, which is all about the lamb and how desirable it is as a meat lamb. I was totally impressed by all the kids…I would say most of the kids are outweighed by their sheep (for example, S’ sheep weighed over 140 lbs) and some of them aren’t very cooperative!

After S was done, we took a little tour through the large animal barn and saw the sheep, pigs, and goats…like this adorable little guy who was trying to eat his way through the fence!

How cute is he?!

After checking out the animals, we walked around the fair for a while walking through all the buildings and looking at all the exhibits. There was a dog frisbee demonstration that we stopped to watch for a bit that was AMAZING!

We also hit up the rodeo at the fair for awhile until it was time for E to show her sheep over in the arena. Unfortunately, we missed most of E’s group, but I did manage to snap a couple of photos at the very end.

E and her lamb, Lady Gaga

Apparently Lady Gaga wasn’t very well behaved during Lamb Showmanship!

Definitely a fun and entertaining evening at the fair!

In knitting news, I have two new finished projects to show off but no pictures yet. Hopefully now that Seth is back home, I can get him to take pictures tomorrow!


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