Blueberry Season Has Arrived!

Seth and I went blueberry picking at one of the local farms on Sunday and ended up with about 8 pounds of fresh blueberries. Wednesday we whipped up a large batch of blueberry jam that yielded about 8 half-pints of jam. Now, Seth eats a PB&J sandwich every day for lunch (and often eats toast with jelly before running) so we might just need to make another batch! This spring we ran out of homemade jam before strawberries were in season and Seth had to make do with store bought jelly. Well, one jar…and then we bought some at the local farmer’s market because the store bought stuff was “terrible.”

I had planned on making a batch of Blueberry Buckle on Wednesday night while Seth was at work, and he sent me a text from work asking if I could make a double batch so that he could bring some to work today for their monthly potluck. The recipe was really easy to double and I put half in a 9-inch pie dish and the other half in an 8×8 pyrex dish. Within about 15 minutes of the buckle being in the oven, my entire house smelled incredible! I also had a loaf of bread in the bread machine, so my house smelled like a bakery! Hmm, maybe I need to bake more often?

Seth broke into the one we were keeping here as soon as he got home from work. Apparently, the blueberry buckle was a big hit at lunch today and a few people requested the recipe.

I’m buzzing right along on my Current Cardigan, and only have the sleeves left! I know, I know. I always stall out on the sleeves. But, these are elbow length sleeves, so I’m hoping I can rally and finish it up this weekend. Heh. Only time will tell.

I’m really pleased with the way it’s fitting so far, and absolutely love the fabric that the cotton/bamboo is making. I suppose I should start looking for buttons! I certainly didn’t think that I’d blow through this pattern so quickly.

In the land of sewing, I’ve been making some kindle cases and a laptop case for the girls that I’m teaching to knit (S & E from the county fair post). I haven’t done a shop update in a while, so I’m also working on getting some new bags put together for an update in the near future (maybe next week?). Stay tuned…I’ll get some previews up as soon as I set a date and time!


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  1. Aimee

    Sweater looks great as always! Your quick knitting of this sweater makes me think I really need to pick up the one I am making in bulky yarn.

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