Waldo 100K

On Friday afternoon Seth and I headed out with another runner and Sailor for the Willamette Pass Ski Resort for the Waldo 100K taking place on Saturday. After we arrived, we set up the tent and headed into the lodge for the pasta dinner and then back outside for the race meeting. The race directors updated all the runners on the course conditions and some gave some good advice for having a good race being able to finish the race. The Waldo 100K is known for being one of the hardest 100K races around, and many runners have said that there are 100-mile races that are easier than Waldo!

Last year, Seth ended up with an injury during the race and walked the last 7 miles and finished in about 17 1/2  hours. This year he decided to take the early start in hopes of finishing before 9pm, so he could get a finishers hat this year (he missed it by less than 2 hours last year). The early start was at 3am, so Seth was off and running in the dark with the rest of the early starters. The regular start was at 5am, and Sailor was a bit restless in the tent when he heard people up and moving around (not to mention the chipmunk that was running laps around the tent). Thankfully, I was able to settle him back down so I could get another hour or so of sleep.

After breakfast, Sailor and I headed to the Charlton Lake Aid Station (mile 32) to wait for Seth to come through. We ended up getting there about an hour before anyone came through, but the weather was gorgeous and the breeze off the lake kept the mosquitoes at bay. It was really fun to see the leaders come flying through the aid station! Sailor was pretty popular with the kids at the lake so he got lots of pets and hugs while we waited for Seth.

Seth looked a bit tired as he came into Charlton Lake, but we got him set up with a dry hat, some pedialyte, and food and sent him on his way! Looking at the results from the race, a good portion of the people who dropped out of the race dropped at Charlton Lake. It was during the hottest part of the day and there wasn’t a lot of shade. Last year the weather was at least 15-20 degrees cooler….and I think it made a huge difference for the runners.

After we saw Seth at the lake, I headed back to the ski lodge and picked up our neighbor Marty who ran with Seth for the last 19 miles. We drove to The Twins trailhead and hiked the mile and a half up to the aid station. I didn’t manage to snap any pictures of Seth coming through the Twins, but he looked much better than he had at Charlton Lake! He loaded up with salt tablets, a bagel sandwich, more pedialyte and I made him take his head lamp…just in case. Marty and Seth took off from the aid station and Sailor and I headed back down the dusty, hot trail back to the car.

I drove back to the nearest town (29 miles away from the race) to order a pizza, fill the car with gas for the ride home and enjoy the air conditioning and lack of hungry mosquitoes in the car! After I got back to the ski resort, I packed up the tent and reorganized the back of the station wagon. Who knew 3 people and a dog could have SO. MUCH. STUFF for just one night!

This year the race director was announcing when runners had summited Maiden Peak, which is before the last aid station. I heard Seth’s name and knew he’d be coming into the finish within the next couple of hours provided he didn’t injure himself again! Then around 6:50pm (well before the 9pm “get a hat” cut-off!), they announced that Seth was coming towards the finish!

Seth sporting his finishers hat!

Seth’s official time was 15:50:52, just about 2 hours faster than last year! He was in much better shape following the race last year, and was able to walk into the house after we arrived home on his own two feet (last year…not so much).

Congrats Seth!

I’ll be back either later today or tomorrow with some weaving, sewing, and knitting!


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