Breaking out of a spinning rut

I’ve been in a total spinning rut since Tour de Fleece. I think it was a combination not knitting much for the whole month of July and going to Sock Summit and stashing some really beautiful new yarns. I went on a total knitting kick and hadn’t touched my wheel in a couple of weeks. But yesterday, I spun up a whole beautiful braid and I think my spinning mojo is back.

Kreacher on Falkland dyed by Two if by Hand 

It’s about 165 yards of aran weight yarn.

Of course, there’s also been some knitting. A few days ago I swatched and cast on for a new sweater. I don’t have much done, but here’s a peek at the swatch:

Look at those scrumptious cables! The yarn is Shelter in “sweatshirt”, which happens to be the same yarn and color from the pattern. I rarely pick the same yarn as the pattern calls for, but this was just a perfect pairing in the perfect color. 

I’ve also been doing some sewing. Specifically, sewing up a couple of ipad cases. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures before I popped them in the mail to their recipients. There’s been quite a bit of interest in the woven cases, so I’m hoping to come up with an ipad version of that too.

There’s also been a TON of baking going on in this house…which is kind of weird because it’s been so gosh darn hot this week. But, I’ve only been baking in the mornings when the house is nice and cool and there’s a breeze coming through the windows. Let’s see…this week I’ve made Banana Bread, another batch of Blueberry Banana Muffins, Zucchini Bread (from this bread machine cookbook), and Chocolate Zucchini Cake.

Oh, Chocolate Zucchini Cake, how I love you. The recipe I used isn’t the healthiest recipe out there, but out of the ones I’ve tried it tastes the best. Earlier this summer I used up the last of our zucchini crop from last year with a different recipe that was loads healthier and it tasted TERRIBLE. I mean, it was edible. But it tasted like vegetables. And really, who wants their chocolate cake to taste like veggies? Not me. So, I’ll stick with my less healthy version, thank you very much. I sprinkle my cake with a dusting of confectioners sugar instead of frosting it. It honestly doesn’t need much, it’s pretty delicious straight out of the pan.

Since it’s been so hot, we’ve used the grill all week and last night we tried grilled pizza for the first time. Not only was it ridiculously easy and quick…but delicious, too!

Those of you who know me, know that my pizza is the one covered in cheesy goodness without a vegetable in sight. Seth’s, of course, is the one covered in veggies including some of the first tomatoes from our garden! I used the bread machine to make the pizza dough (so easy…just toss in the ingredients and turn it on), and the recipe (also from the bread machine book linked above) makes enough for 2 large pizzas. I put half in the freezer, and split the remaining dough so it would be easier to manage on the grill. The pizza only took a total of about 6-7 minutes on the grill, which is far less time than the 20-25 minutes it takes when I make it in the oven (I use a cast iron skillet). Definitely my new favorite way to make pizza!

I’ll be back in a day or two with some weaving (I’m going to go warp the loom as soon as I hit “publish” on this post!) and probably a sweater knitting update.


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  1. Carner

    I’ll take photos, I promise! So excited for the ipad case!!

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