I feel like I’ve been talking a lot about food…

I swear, this is still a knitting/spinning/sewing/crafty blog! It just happens to be that time of year when our garden is producing all sorts of goodies and we need to do something with all of the veggies!

I think I’ve mentioned that we’re using a raised bed in our neighbor’s yard for green beans and pumpkins. Seth made it very clear this spring that he wanted TONS of green bean plants. Well, we have TONS of green beans due to all these plants. All of our plants that we grew from seed started producing beans a couple of weeks ago and now Every. Single. Plant. (about 15-20!) is producing beans. We picked a quart sized ziplock bag full the other day and then easily picked twice that today.

We’ve been having trouble deciding how to preserve the beans for the winter, since we obviously can’t eat all these before they go bad! Seth requested something spicy and flavorful instead of just canning or freezing as-is. When I was browsing around Borders the other day I picked up “One Big Table” by Molly O’Neal. It’s a gorgeous (and heavy!) book with 600 recipes from around the country. It also has beautiful stories about the history of food in America. Almost as soon as I started flipping through it I found a recipe for Dilly Beans and knew immediately that we could make them with the abundance of green beans we have!

The recipe called for 4 lbs of green beans, but we only had 2 lbs so I halved the brine recipe and used half the amount of spices for the jars.

Some of the jars waiting for the brine

We didn’t pack the jars as tightly as they must have in the recipe and we ran out of brine. Thankfully, it was easy enough to whip up another small batch of brine and pour it in the last couple of jars. We boiled them in the canning pot, and now we just have to wait a month before we can try them! We could eat them before then, but the recipe recommends waiting 30 days so that the beans can absorb all the flavors from the spices and brine.

While we were waiting for the second batch of brine to finish simmering, we also tried a salsa recipe from “One Big Table” with some tomatoes from the garden and cilantro from our little herb pot.

The recipe called for 2 large tomatoes, 4-5 jalapenos, a couple cloves of garlic and some water to be tossed into a pot to simmer for a bit:

After it was done simmering, we strained out the veggies (and reserved the water), put them in a blender and blended in the cilantro. Seth liked the consistency, so we didn’t add any of the water….but the salsa was HOT! Seth’s tolerance for spicy food is pretty high, so it really spoke to the spiciness when he said it needed more tomatoes. We tossed a large handful of cherry tomatoes into the blender, and while it did thin out the salsa a bit the consistency was still pretty good.

Next time: More Tomatoes, less jalapenos! Then maybe it won’t look so green!

I believe I promised some pictures of the sweater I’m working on!

Shadow is knit in pieces, so basically it just looks like a big cabled rectangle so far!

I love how the cables really pop against the reverse stockinette stitch

Let’s see…what else is exciting in the crafty department? Oh! I got a whole bunch of new fabrics in the mail today, so keep an eye on the blog and shop for some bags with new fabrics!

Hope you all have a lovely holiday weekend!



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2 responses to “I feel like I’ve been talking a lot about food…

  1. Look at you go! Someday I will get into canning and pickling… Oh, and the sweater is coming along beautifully!

    • This is the first time we’ve done any pickling, so hopefully it all comes out okay! The canning is much easier than I ever thought it would be, and it’s nice to be able to eat things from the garden all winter! I’m really excited about the sweater….it’s a little slower going because of the cables, but I think the finished sweater will be totally worth it!

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