Garter Stitch Goodness

Apparently, I’m on a garter stitch kick with my knitting. There’s something about the monotony of garter stitch that is soothing and makes for great mindless knitting. And then, of course, there’s the fantastic squish factor that garter stitch has. Which, makes it especially fabulous for this first project:

Pattern:  Vintage Baby Cardigan by Kristin Spurkland

Yarn: Shibui Sock in Wasabi

Mods: None, really. My gauge was off, so instead of going down to a size 2 needle I knit the smallest size to achieve the 6 month measurements. The pattern was well written and while the sweater looked like a hot mess for a while, it all magically works out when you do a 3-needle bind-off for the tops of the sleeves! The construction is interesting and would be a good way for beginner knitters to learn some new skills (casting on in the middle of a project, 3-needle bind-off, seaming the undersides of the sleeves) as long as they don’t mind that it’s fingering weight yarn on size 3 needles.

The baby sweater will be headed to Stash tomorrow along with a big pile of project bags. The sweater will be a shop sample showing off the lovely Shibui Sock yarn. The yarn was great to knit with and is perfect for baby knits, and would make a fab pair of socks, too!

Next up is a shawl-in-progress for a family member who is going through a tough time. I had started a completely different pattern with different yarn, but wasn’t really liking the way it was knitting up. So, I found a different pattern and dug through my stash and found some luxurious yarn that is going to make a fabulous shawl.

Doesn’t it look wonderfully cushy? 

The pattern calls for either 2 strands of lightweight yarn or 1 strand of worsted weight yarn. The skein on the right is Hedgehog Fibres Pure Cashmere Lace that I’ve been hanging onto until the perfect project came along. I think it found it’s perfect project. The shawl is a bit more chocolate brown than in the pictures and the orange is a bit less electric!

In other news, we’re headed to Hawaii later this week with some friends of ours! I’ll be bringing the laptop, so I’ll try and update the blog while I’m there!


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  1. Jenny

    That is just so lovely and looks like perfect TV knitting. I love the colour too, the green looks so vibrant.

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