Hawaii: Part 1

I’ve only gone through the first few days worth of pictures so far, so I thought I’d divide the Hawaii trip into a couple of different posts. Seth and I arrived in Kauai on a Thursday afternoon and immediately drove to our hotel to get all checked in. Our resort was GORGEOUS and conveniently located on the east shore of the island. We were pretty exhausted from traveling, so we checked out the beach, went grocery shopping, and lounged in the awesome pool at the resort.

The time difference was definitely in our favor, so we were up early the next morning and after some discussion with the concierge decided to check out the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” otherwise known as the Waimea Canyon State Park. The drive is about 20 miles up a skinny, winding road with gorgeous views. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking:

We took a short hike down this trail that had the most gorgeous views of the coastline 

Looking up the trail we had walked down

After a day of exploring the canyon, we hit up one of the local farmers markets and bought some star fruit (which tasted oddly nothing like fruit and sort of like cucumber), papayas, tomatoes, lettuce, purple sweet potatoes, and some weird sweet pepper things. That evening we picked up our friends Liz and Ben from the airport and headed back to whip up some dinner out on the poolside grills at the resort! I think all of us were in bed by 9pm!

The advantage of going to bed so early was that we were all up in time for sunrise (okay, I admit that I needed to be woken up to actually get outside in time for sunrise). I won’t make you look at the ridiculous amount of sunrise pictures I took, but here are just a couple:

Liz and Ben enjoying the sunrise on the beach outside our resort

We decided to drive up to the north shore for the day and made a few stops along the way. Our first stop (not counting the yard sale we stopped for!) was the Kilauea Lighthouse and Bird Sanctuary.

The lighthouse and bird sanctuary were celebrating Nene Awareness Day (the Nene is a relative of the Canadian Goose), so there was free admission and tons of education on the Nene birds! The folks at the lighthouse were also loaning out binoculars and we were lucky enough to catch a pair of HUMONGOUS sea turtles out in the ocean!

Seth, Liz, and Ben checking out the sea turtles

We continued driving up the north shore and and stopped in Hanalei Bay to do a little shopping. Of course we just happened to park directly in front of a shop called “Strings and Things”….a guitar and YARN shop! They featured locally dyed yarn, so of course I had to pick some up for gifts and maybe even a skein or two for myself. After a little shopping spree we continued up the coast to the very end of the road so that Seth could check out the trailhead for the run he was planning on doing the next day. We also wanted to check out the lava tubes including one called the Blue Pool that you could swim in. The Blue Pool was not so blue…more black and the water was freezing, so none of us actually went in!

We spent the rest of the afternoon at Tunnels Beach. We had hoped the water would be calm enough for snorkeling, but unfortunately the currents were really strong so we stuck to wading in the water to cool off. The highlight of Tunnels was definitely spotting a Monk Seal on the beach! Monk Seals are extremely endangered and it’s estimated that there are only about 30 living in Hawaii. The beaches have signs that they post when a seal is hanging on the beach so that people don’t get too close to them.

He was just lounging in the sunshine and would occasionally pick up his head and look around!

The view at Tunnels Beach…gorgeous, right?!

After sunning ourselves at Tunnels, we picked up some fish to throw on the grill and headed back to our resort for the evening. I think we’ll stop there foro There’s been a whole lot of knitting going on here but no pictures to show for it…yet. I’ll be sure to get some crafty photos for the next post!


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  1. Jealous. Oh so supremely jealous 😉

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