Hawaii: Part 2

I’ve finally gone through the rest of our pictures from our trip and wanted to share them before I head back east for the NY Sheep and Wool Festival! My last post went through the end of Saturday…

Sunday morning we got up early to catch the sunrise again and so that Seth could head out on his run of the Napali coast early.

Of course, I realized on the last day of our trip that my camera had a big spot on the inside and many of my photos have a big half circle darkened shape in the top right corner. sigh. It actually isn’t as bad as I originally thought, but it’s going to take some photoshopping to fix up a bunch of the pictures if I ever want to print them.

After sunrise, I drove Seth up to the north shore so that he could start his 22-mile run and then I headed back to our condo so that Liz and Ben and I could figure out what we wanted to do. We decided to check out the south shore and headed to Poipu Beach to do a little snorkeling.

The snorkeling here was fantastic….we only had to swim out a little bit before we saw tons of tropical fish! There were also lots of chickens on the beach. Yes. Chickens. They don’t have any natural predators on the island of Kauai, so wild chickens can be seen everywhere.

Like on the beach. Just walking around. Weird, right? We found them highly entertaining!

After we had been sufficiently sun-soaked and water-logged we headed to a place that had been recommended in one of the guidebooks we had. We drove further west on the island, through the industrial part of town, down a dirt road, and out to a very small beach that was rumored to be covered in sea glass. The picture in the guidebook looked something like this:

photo from jaunted.com

I think you can probably see where this story is going. The beach looked NOTHING like that. I didn’t even bother to take a picture because we thought we were in the wrong place. There were a few pieces of sea glass laying around, but it was nothing like it had been described in the guidebook. After some research on the iphone in the car (what would we do without smartphones?), we discovered that the beach looked like this up until a few years ago. Then, apparently, people began taking large quantities of the sea glass and there is very little left.

We continued driving up a dirt road and had some pretty views of the ocean in one direction and the industrial part of the island in the other.

After the disappointment of sea-glass beach, we headed up to the north shore to pick Seth up from his run and did a little bit of shopping and eating on the way. I had been on the lookout for a hat with a large brim to keep the sun off my face and shoulders, so I picked up one I had seen earlier in the week and then we waited for Seth at the end of the road. He was exhausted and overheated (and probably a little bit dehydrated) from running in the 90-degree weather. He went for a quick swim and then we headed back to order some pizza and rest up for our kayaking adventure the next day.

Bright and early Monday morning we headed to pick up our kayaks and spend part of the day paddling up the Wailua River.

Yup. That’s my ridiculously large hat. Dorky? Yes. But totally worth the dork factor.

We were given maps and instructions on how to get to Secret Falls and the Fern Grotto. After paddling a couple of miles up river we pulled our boats up onto a small beach and took the mile-long hike to Secret Falls.

We crossed a few streams (the rope was really unnecessary, but makes for a fun picture!) and walked upsteam until we came to the waterfall.

The water below the waterfall was freezing, but we all braved the chilly temps to go swimming…and, of course, capture the moment on film.

On the hike back out we passed about 80 people, in various tour groups, all hiking towards the waterfall! It definitely would have lost a bit of it’s charm had we been sharing it with a bunch of tour groups! After we found our kayaks (why must all the rental companies use the same exact boats?!) and got back on the river, we headed to the Fern Grotto.

After paddling back down the river and returning the kayaks we drove to a couple of more waterfalls that could be viewed from the road.

Opaeka’a Falls

Wailua Falls

The plan for the evening was to drive to the west shore to see the sunset from the beach and then find a sushi restaurant. It didn’t quite work out the way we had planned….first of all, it was raining. And while the beach was still beautiful, a nice sunset didn’t look like a possibility.

The road out to the beaches on the west shore is a little treacherous, but I’ll bet it’s worth it when it’s not raining! Our plan for sushi was also thwarted. We went to a restaurant down the street from our resort that had sushi on the menu….at least according to the guidebooks and what we could find online. However, once we arrived we were informed that their sushi chef no longer worked there…so no sushi. But at that point we were too hungry to go find some place else.

For our last day on the island, we returned to Poipu Beach to do some more snorkeling. Ideally, we would have loved to go back up to the north shore to do some snorkeling up there….but the surf was too high. But, no worries…there were plenty of fish to see at Poipu.

We saw countless tropical fish, sea urchins, gorgeous coral…and Seth even saw an eel!

The four of us ended our trip together by going to a Luau at the Kilohana Plantation. Our concierge at the resort promised us premium seating if we booked through the hotel, and he wasn’t joking! We had a table directly next to the stage, which was fabulous….and then slightly frightening when the fire dancers were throwing fire!

I hope I didn’t bore you all too much with the crazy amount of pictures from our vacation!

I’ll be posting some knitting on the blog tomorrow, I promise!


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