Sweet Little Soaker

A friend of mine from college asked me if I’d knit her a soaker to use with her little guy, and who can turn down an opportunity to knit something this cute? Surely not me.

Pattern: EviePants All-in-One by Marilyn Porter

Yarn: The variegated is Bear & Pants Cestari Fine (unknown color, I purchased it as part of a scrappies set) and the chocolate brown is Three Irish Girls Lindon Merino in Flourish

Modifications: I had Stacy measure her little guy and tell me the rise she wanted, how many inches his hips measured in the cloth diaper he was going to be wearing, and the measurement around the top of the leg. The EviePants pattern is totally customizable and fantastically easy to follow. There are options for soakers, longies, shorties, and skirties. The pattern gives basic size measurements, but also provides instructions for customizing to fit a specific child. The adorable yarn, of course, makes the whole thing come together. How adorable is little J going to look wearing that over his cloth diaper?!

In other knitting news, I finished my Camilla Pullover a few days ago! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures yet…but possibly tomorrow if Seth’s day on call isn’t too crazy and he arrives home before the sun sets! I will say that it is going to get a ton of wear and I’m totally pleased with how it came out!

My Mom was here visiting for a week for Thanksgiving and to celebrate my birthday (the big three-zero!). She picked up a rescue dog named Emi on her way here, and Emi and Sailor provided us with some good entertainment over the week!

Blog readers, meet Emi. My Mom found out about Emi on the Daily Puglet blog. You can read a little bit more about her story in this post on the rescue’s website (be prepared with a few tissues!). Emi was living with a foster family in San Jose and my Mom decided to reroute her flight on the way here and pick her up!

Sailor wasn’t quite sure what to do with Emi! He tried to play with her, but he’s so big and goofy he usually ended up just standing there looking like a big goof. Emi is superduper fast and thought it was pretty fun to chase Sailor around the yard.

Emi flying through the air at Sailor!

On Wednesday night we let the dogs lick out of the potato pot while we were making some dishes to bring to Thanksgiving dinner.

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner with my friend Betty and her family. There was lots of great food, birthday cake, and of course…knitting.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I’ll be back soon with pictures of my Camilla sweater and hopefully some DIY holiday decorations!


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