Camilla Pullover

I know I say this about all the sweaters I knit, but WOW…I love this. The yarn is glorious, the fit is perfect, and I love the style of the sweater. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Pattern: Camilla Pullover by Carrie Bostick Hoge

Yarn: Quince & Co. Osprey in Storm, purchased at the lovely Purl Diva while I was back east for Rhinebeck

Modifications: For the body and sleeves I followed the pattern exactly as written. But then came the raglan decreases, and all sorts of problems arose. Not with the pattern, with my super-shortness. When I knit top-down raglans, I usually have to omit a few rows in the top so that my resulting sweater doesn’t have saggy armpits. The Camilla sweater is knit bottom-up, so it’s harder to gauge how many rows to omit and it’s certainly harder to try it on as you go. I started by doing the initial decrease rounds every third row TWICE (instead of 3 times) and then I decreased every-other-round until row 12 of the pattern repeat. According to the pattern’s directions I was supposed to have another entire fan repeat before binding off. There was just no way that was going to work for me. So after row 12, I decreased EVERY round until the end of the pattern repeat as well as during 3 rows of garter stitch. I’m happy to report that the neckline is perfect and my sweater isn’t saggy under the arms!

The Camilla pattern was really well written and very easy to follow. The sweater doesn’t have any shaping at all, so once you get the fan pattern down, it’s a pretty mindless knit (which is a good thing!). If I were to knit it again, I would potentially consider some shaping in the sleeves. Maybe cast-on less stitches and do a couple of increase rows. Or even maybe make the sleeves long instead of 3/4 length. And there is definitely a possibility that I’d knit another one in a different color. It knit up SUPER quick…2 weeks from start to finish and there were a few nights of no knitting or knitting on something else during that time.

And the yarn…oh! the yarn. I knew I loved Osprey already, since I made my Solstice Cardigan out of it, so this just confirmed my love for knitting with Osprey. First of all, it knits up sooo quick! It’s soft enough to wear next to your skin (or at least I think it is!), the colors are gorgeous, and it’s affordable. In fact, I love it so much I’ve already ordered another sweater quantity of it in Gingerbread for either the Trail Jacket or the Scouting Jacket. I probably won’t knit with it immediately, but it’ll be nice to have it here when I get the urge for an instant gratification sweater!

Like I’ve already said several times….I’m really, really pleased with the way this came out!

I’ve been doing some other knitting, of the secret kind:

What?! You can’t tell what that is? Good. 🙂 Alls I’ll say is that I’ve been thrumming.

And then there’s the knitting of the not-so-secret kind:

Please excuse the slightly horrible picture, but it’s going to be an Featherweight Cardigan in Sweet Georgia SeaSilk Lace. It will be calling Stash it’s home once it’s done!

There’s also been some holiday decor crafting around these parts.

I’m actually thinking this might end up as an inside decoration. The whiteness of the wreath is making the door look super dingy and dirty (not that it isn’t dingy and dirty, but I’d like to not make it that obvious!).



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2 responses to “Camilla Pullover

  1. Your Camilla is beautiful! Gingerbread will be on its merry way to you tomorrow.

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