Leaves Long Beanie

Boy, I’m totally slacking in the blogging department as of late. I blame this on several things. First, I’ve been doing mostly knitting of the top-secret Christmas variety. Thankfully, some of those will be going to their recipients next week and I’ll have something to share! Secondly, I’ve been doing quite a bit of drawstring bag sewing because they’re selling like hotcakes over at Stash! And lastly, we’re headed back east on Friday so I’ve been doing last minute Christmas shopping, packing, laundry, wrapping, and knitting!

Before I show you my most recent FO (well, my most recent that can safely make an appearance on the blog), let me just show you what making many drawstring bags does to ones brain. I sewed up a few bags for Black Friday shopping and then Sonia asked me to make 6-8 more for December. I did all of the cutting in one sitting, sewed up the layers the next day and went to put them all together. Two of my bags looked something like this:

Ummm, why were the outsides an inch smaller  than the linings? No idea. No worries though, I trimmed the linings and everything worked out in the end! Now onto the Leaves Long Beanie!

Pattern: Leaves Long Beanie by Melissa LaBarre from the book Weekend Hats

Yarn: Dream in Color Classy in a color whose name I can’t remember!

Modifications: None!

Please excuse the sorta creepy picture. It’s the picture that best shows off the pattern motif on the hat! 

This is the second hat pattern I’ve made from Weekend Hats and both patterns have been well-written, easy to follow, and has a fantastic finished product. I think I’ll be reaching for this book over and over again for gifts. This particular hat was made for one of Seth’s co-workers as a Secret Santa gift. She loved it and it fit her perfectly!

We’re headed out on Friday to visit family for a week or so…I might be back in this space before we return, but possibly not! I hope you’re all having a lovely December so far!

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