We’re Back!

Seth and I headed back east about a week and a half ago to visit family and celebrate Christmas a bit early with our families. The view when we took off from Portland was GORGEOUS:

Mount Saint Helens and Mount Rainier from the plane

We could also see Mt Adams, but I couldn’t get a picture of all three in one shot. On our way to NY, we had a 4-5 hour layover at Chicago Midway and decided to venture outside the airport for some fresh air and pizza. The folks at the information desk told us about a pizza place within walking distance (a little less than a mile, I think) from the airport. There was a little dusting of snow on the ground and it was CHILLY  outside…but the pizza was well worth the walk in the cold!

Our visit started in Binghamton to see Seth’s family for a few days and ended in the Glens Falls area with my family. I was SUPER productive in the knitting department while we traveled, but some of them are gifts that have yet to reach their recipients. However, I do have a couple of things I can share before Christmas arrives!

While we were staying with Seth’s Mom we took a little trip to the Roberson Museum and Science Center to see their display of Christmas trees. They had some really beautifully decorated Christmas trees that represented celebrating the holidays around the world. My favorite, of course, was the Ireland display with their gorgeous Aran sweaters:

We also took a walk around the mansion, which was also decorated for the holidays. Most of the decorations were gorgeous…but there were also a few creepy things. Like the dining room with all the deer dining:

There was a whole family of them…and they were sorta creepy. Just look at those weird fake hands! But how about a picture of the cool stained glass windows in the mansion to distract from the weirdness:

We had a wonderful visit with friends and family! Now how about switching gears to some knitting?

Pattern: Retro Thrum Slippers by Leigh Radford

Yarn: Imperial Stock Ranch Columbia 2-ply, thrums were made with a merino/alpaca blend

Modifications: None. I followed the directions for the second size and ran out of yarn, though. The pattern states that all sizes (there are three) can be made with one skein, however I ran out with about 10 rows of the second slipper left. The yarn is held double throughout, which makes a dense fabric that seems to work really well for slippers. Merino/Alpaca was a great choice for the thrums, I think…the footbed of the slippers is wonderfully squishy and warm!

I made the slippers for Seth’s Mom, and she LOVED them. I think there will be more of these in my knitting future.

Well, I must go and start the unpacking process! I’ll be back soon with some gloves, a hat that Seth designed, and more!


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