Manly Man Gloves

The men in our lives are often the hardest to shop for and definitely the most difficult to knit for. This year I asked several of the people on my gift list point blank if there was something specific they wanted me to knit for them. Joe requested a thin pair of gloves. So, just for Joe I knit my very first pair of gloves. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve knit plenty of mittens and fingerless mitts, but the thought of individual knitting all 10 fingers separately had been a turn-off in the past. I’m pleased to say the fingers weren’t nearly as tedious as I imagined they would be and without further ado, I give you manly man gloves:

Pattern: Basic Glove Pattern by Harry Wells

Yarn: Abstract Fiber Alto (100% Superwash BFL) in Little Black Dress

Modifications: I really only used the pattern as a very rough guide for these gloves. I knit with a larger-than-called-for needle and did some math-fu based on my gauge and the measurements that Seth’s Mom sent me to figure out my stitch counts for the gloves. I was a little skeptical about the finger situation, so I ended up knitting the hand, pinky, and ring finger of one glove and the hand of the other. I had Joe try them on at that point (surprise, I’m knitting you gloves…but they’re not finished!) and then finished the rest after I was confident that they would fit like a glove. ha.

The Abstract Fibers Alto was a joy to work with and knit up into a wonderful fabric. The yarn bled a tiny bit while I was knitting with it, but when I soaked the gloves in a bit of vinegar and water no dye seeped out. I have a TON of yarn leftover, so I’ll definitely use the leftovers to whip up another small project.

The finished gloves aren’t quite as stripy as they look in the second two pictures…the color is probably closer to the first picture. I do like that they aren’t solid black and have a little bit of depth to them.

More Christmas knits coming soon….


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