Made of Awesomeness

I had planned on putting another hat and some fingerless mitts on the blog today, but then my dear friend Aimee let me know she had received her Christmas gift today. I’ve been so excited about this since it was finished that it just can’t wait another second to make it onto the blog.

First, though, a little back story. I had planned on weaving Aimee a scarf for Christmas out of some red (her most favorite color in the whole wide world) awesome yarn. But…Aimee also loves all things multi-colored. The lovely ladies at Two if by Hand (my go-to source for spinning fiber) recently started dyeing yarn. As soon as I saw the preview for a shop update that happened less than a week before we were headed home, my plans of a red scarf went out. the. window. Two if by Hand has a colorway called “Whiz Bangs” and it is all sorts of awesome. I’ve spun it up in fiber form, but the yarn looked amazing and perfect for Aimee. The yarn arrived the day before we left for the east coast and so unfortunately it had to sit here until we were back, and then reality set it and I knew I wouldn’t get to it until after Christmas. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the yarn before I wove it up…but you can see it here. On Monday, I stayed in my PJs until the scarf was finished and it was all dry and ready to mail on Tuesday!

Yarn: Two if by Hand Superwash Merino Worsted in Whiz Bangs!

I’m happy to report that the yarn is just as fantastic as Two if by Hand’s fiber offerings. The Superwash Merino is quite soft in the skein, but really softens up after a soak in some warm water and wool wash. And of course, the Whiz Bangs looks ridiculously cool woven up!

I love how the edges are all different colors!

It had been a while since I had woven anything, and now that I have a stand for my loom (and don’t have to sit at the dining room table to weave!) I’ll be weaving much more frequently! How about one more photo for good measure?


In other knitting/fiber news, I just finished a hat out of some totally luxurious yarn (lambswool, cashmere, angora) and spun up a skein of merino/cashmere/silk yarn the other day! Hopefully it will stop raining long enough to have Seth snap some photos tomorrow! I’ll be back with those and the rest of the Christmas gift knits in a couple of days!


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  1. Aimee

    These photos do not do the awesomeness of this scarf justice. It is so amazing. I am such a lucky girl to have such a talented friend!

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