Orcas Island 50K

This past weekend Seth, Sailor and I took a trip up to Orcas Island so that Seth could run the Orcas Island 50K. We headed out Friday morning, stopped at the REI in Seattle, had dinner in Anacortes, and then took the ferry over to Orcas Island. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of Seth from the race. Sailor and I only met up with him at the first aid station and then we spent the day exploring the island while Seth ran. Of course, we met him at the end of the race and saw him finish! We couldn’t have asked for better weather and the views from the top of Mt. Constitution were incredible.

Unfortunately, I’ve been having trouble with the automatic sensor cleaning on my camera (as in, it doesn’t do it…). It was so bright out that I couldn’t tell that all my pictures had a huge spot on them as I was shooting. sigh. I guess we’ll just have to go back! But I’ll share some photos anyways…just try and ignore the glaringly obvious spot (actually, a large line) on all of the photos.

View of Mt. Baker from the top of Mt. Constitution

Mt. Baker, the San Juan Islands, and the North Cascades

The tower at the top of Mt. Constitution, a lost runner, and the folks running the aid station

After exploring the island, shopping in the Eastsound area (and finding a glorious bakery with amazing cookies only to have Sailor steal 3 of the cookies when I was snapping photos), Sailor and I relaxed in one of the parks in Moran State Park (where the race was taking place) until it was time to go to the finish line to meet Seth. It was relaxing until Sailor saw these guys:

There were 4 huge swans just hanging out on the lake. 

When we were looking for a place to stay, one of the other local ultra runners suggested we check out Pebble Cove Farm. We had a fantastic view from our front door, there was homemade granola in our room for breakfast, and they have chickens, goats and a pony on the farm!

The view from our front porch

On Sunday, we headed out on the second ferry and drove to Seattle in time for lunch. Of course, no trip would be complete without a yarn shop stop! We stopped at The Weaving Works and I picked up a few skeins of yarn (no surprise there!). After a little yarn shopping we headed to Pikes Place Market to wander around and find some lunch.

And of course we had to stop and see the Gum Wall:

Gross, but kind of fascinating! 

And since this is a crafty sort of blog…here is a pic of Seth wearing the hat that he designed:

Taken on the ferry back to Anacortes from Orcas


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  1. gumbygoogoo

    Wow – our October ’99 honeymoon in a nutshell! We spent a week on Orcas and 2 last nights in Seattle. HEAVEN.

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