It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks here at Casa de Grey Poodle. My FIL was in town for close to 2 weeks adding a bathroom to our house and my sister was here for 5 of those days. I don’t have pictures of the finished bathroom quite yet, but we’re hoping to have it all painted and really done by this time next week. I can give you a little peek at it, though.

Backsplash to the sink

I had purchased some glass tiles for an accent strip in the shower and we had quite a bit left (the shower ended up being slightly different dimensions than we thought, so our calculations were a little off). We had to create a little bump out wall for the vanity to hide the plumbing and we thought it would be a perfect way to use up some of the leftover tiles. Seth came up with the design and it looks fantastic! We’re hoping to use more of the leftover tiles to frame a mirror, but first I need to find a mirror to fit in the space! Easier said than done, apparently.

Once we get the correct light bulb for the shower, I’ll take some pictures of the shower.The linen “closet” is filled with tools for the time being, so that’ll have to wait to be photographed, too!

Seth’s Dad requested a pair of hand knit socks that he could wear rock climbing, so I spent a good part of the last week working on those. I managed to finish them just in time for him to wear them home on the plane!

Pattern: Classic Socks for the Family by Melinda Goodfellow

Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Mediumweight (I tossed the ball band without noting the color)

Mods: This pattern is written for several different gauges and sizes. I followed the instructions for the cuff of the largest fingering-weight size. Once I finished the gusset, I decreased an extra 8 stitches over 3 rounds (2 decrease rounds and 1 straight round in between). My FIL wanted a snug fit on the foot, but needed the ankle to be a little bit bigger than the foot. He also wanted an ankle sock, so knit the cuff until he said it was long enough and then did the same amount of rows on the second sock (I think it was about 16 knit rows after the ribbed cuff, maybe?).

My FIL was a foot model in a former life

Check out our new tile floors in the new bathroom! 

Socks that Rock has a super tight twist, and the socks feel pretty bulletproof. I think (hope!) they’ll hold up well!

I’ll be back soon with another shop sample for Stash, a fun project that my sister did while she was here and bathroom pics!

How about one last parting shot of my favorite grey poodle hanging out with my FIL:


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  1. Valerie

    Way too cool website! Hope you are well, how are all the dance classes and the working at the shop? Shannon is probably going to attend OSU Corvallis next fall. We’ll be coming to look for an apartment for her soon. Maybe you guys would like to come to ski???
    We miss you guys!


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