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Before Dark Sweater and Black Sheep Roundup!

Before I tell you what a great time we had at the Black Sheep Gathering, I finally have a new sweater to show off! I finished just in time for the cool weather we had this weekend and it was the perfect thing to wear on friday at the fiber fest.

Pattern: Before Dark by Veera Välimäki

Yarn: Pigeonroof Studios Cassiopeia DK in Espresso

Mods: Well…I kept terrible notes about my mods. I think the only real modification I made was picking up some stitches at the underarm. As written, the pattern doesn’t have you pick up any stitches when you start the sleeves. According to the pattern schematic the sleeves were going to be a bit tighter than I would have liked, so I picked up 4 stitches under each arm and decreased them after a few rows.

As soon as I choose the yarn/pattern combination I knew I wanted to use some wooden buttons from Wooly Moss Roots (and omg when I went to grab the link I saw that they mentioned seeing my sweater at Black Sheep!). We carry them at Stash, but we didn’t have enough of any one kind. Sonia kindly special ordered a set of 8 for me and I couldn’t be more pleased with how they look on the finished sweater!

Veera’s patterns are very well written and I really love the effect of the short rows on the upper back. There are several of her designs (and if I’m being honest probably more like 10) that are on my short list of “things to knit.”

sigh The yarn. Oh, the yarn. Cassiopeia DK is a merino/cashmere/silk blend…need I say more? It knits up beautifully and is oh-so-squishy and soft! There’s definitely another Cassiopeia sweater in my future.

gratuitous grey poodle picture 

Now…onto Black Sheep Gathering!

Sonia and I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the Lane County Fairgrounds in Eugene at the Black Sheep Gathering running a booth for Stash!

Stash at Black Sheep! 

We had a great selection of local indie dyers….Baah!, Becoming Art, Pigeonroof Studios, Hazel Knits, Knitted Wit, Imperial, Abstract Fibers…and more!

Oh, look! There are some Grey Poodle Designs bags! 

Local handspun, gorgeous buttons, and more!

 I had a fantastic time working at the festival, seeing all of the wonderful handknits, and shopping, of course!

Some highlights of the show for me (besides representing Stash!) were:

-The Huckleberry Knits booth…we carry their yarn, but I made a few purchases of some things we don’t carry at the shop!

-Purchasing a WooLee Winder for my spinning wheel! It was my first purchase of the weekend and I wasted no time putting it on my wheel Friday night and giving it a spin (ha!).

-Seeing all of the gorgeous handknits people were wearing. Especially the Suki Shawl from The Sock Report. There were two women wearing Suki, one of them being the designer. Both were absolutely gorgeous and made me want to cast-on Right. This. Second.

Miss Purl stitch markers….she had a fantastic selection and I ended up with a couple of sets.

-The Bar-Maids booth…I ended up with a Lo-lo bar, Oh, For Feet’s Sake, and a new serum they just came out with.

Hansen Minispinners. The Stash booth was right across the aisle from the Hansen MiniSpinners booth. It had the potential of being very dangerous for my bank account! I tried one out on Saturday during a little down time and loved it. I managed to resist buying one, but I would love to own one at some point in the future!

Well…I think this post has gone on long enough! I’ll be back soon with some more sweater WIPs!

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A Bunting (or two) for Stash!

The LYS I work at, Stash, is going to have a booth at a local fiber festival this coming weekend so I made a couple of buntings to hang on the front of our tables! Aren’t they adorable?!

Initially, I had planned to use the fabrics I used for our shop aprons. However, when I started gathering the fabric it seemed like too many polkadots. I happened to come across these in my online fabric browsing travels and decided they would be perfect!

I used this tutorial for the bunting and looked at several tutorials for the applique, but this one was the most helpful. The bunting would have been a relatively quick project, but the applique really slowed me down! It was definitely worth the extra time and effort, though.

They look so cute on our fence that I think I need to make one out of some laminated fabrics to keep up there for the summer!


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