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Iceling Baby Set

One of our camp friends, Amanda, is expecting her first baby at the end of February. Since she lives in Minnesota, she asked if I would make her little guy a sweater to wear after he arrives to keep him warm during the long Minnesota winter (and probably through some of spring!). Of course I said yes! I’ll take any excuse to knit adorable baby things! I wanted a cardigan so that it would be easier to get on/take off as well as something that was manly enough for a wee little boy. I found a perfect pattern that came with directions for a matching hat, so of course I had to make the set (his little head needs to stay warm, too!).

Pattern:Iceling Sweater and Hat by Carol Feller

Yarn: Dream in Color Classy in Happy Forest

Modifications: None!

I just love the buttons! This sweater sat in my craft room waiting for buttons for over a week. I wanted something fun and when the Wooly Moss Roots buttons arrived at Stash, I knew they’d be perfect! And the little matching hat is pretty cute, I think:

Adorable, right?!

I also have another gift knit to share. This is for the friend of a ravelry friend’s daughter who was recently diagnosed with Leukemia. I found some super duper soft yarn and made a slouchy hat that she can also wear with the brim flipped up for more of a beanie look.

Pattern: The Big Easy by Vivian Aubrey

Yarn: Three Irish Girls Bamboo Cotton Worsted in “How Not to Dry the Dishes”

Modifications: The yarn has a fair amount of drape to it due to the bamboo content, so I used one needle size smaller than the pattern required for the stockinette section of the hat. The felt flower is from Frabjous Fibers purchased at Stash. I also included a blue flower with the hat in case Emma wants to mix things up a bit.


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Small Things Sweater

One of Seth’s coworkers and his wife are expecting their first baby in early January. The office baby shower is tomorrow, and of course I was right down to the wire with my gift knitting despite being given plenty of advance notice!

Pattern: Small Things Sweater by Carina Spencer

Yarn: HiKoo Simplicity (a Superwash/acrylic/nylon blend)

Modifications: None! The pattern is perfect as written and includes several different options for the sleeves.

The adorable fabric-covered buttons were purchased at Stash and are made by a local artist, Ladybug Limited

I had a whole skein of yarn leftover, so I decided to whip up a little bonnet to go with the sweater:

Pattern: Baby Bonnet by Joelle Hoverson from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts

Yarn: Same as the Baby Sweater 🙂

Modifications: I held some dk weight yarn doubled instead of using a heavier weight yarn. My row gauge was way off, so instead of knitting straight for 3 inches after all the increases (and before starting the decreases) I only knit straight for about an inch. The “More Last Minute Knitted Gifts” book has so many great patterns, and this one is no exception. The directions are easy to follow and the hat knit up in far less time than the book predicts.

Baby knits are so satisfying….They’re quick and seriously cute!

My Mom is arriving for a visit tomorrow with a new addition to their canine family (her name is Emi…I’ll be sure to take tons of pictures), so I’m sure I’ll have lots to update with in a few days!

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A pile of WIPs

Knitting is in full swing around here and I have a pile of works-in-progress (WIPs) that are in various stages of completion. I have trouble working on just one knitting project at a time, so I frequently have at least 2 different projects on-the-needles.

Since it is prime sweater-wearing weather, I have a fantastic sweater in progress using some Quince & Co. Osprey:

It’s buzzing right along, and I have about 10 inches of the body done so far. Since it’s a bottom-up construction, I’ll have to knit the sleeves before I can start on the yoke of the sweater. Thankfully, they’re 3/4 length sleeves…so hopefully I won’t completely stall out when it’s time to do the sleeves!

One of Seth’s co-workers is expecting a baby in a couple of months, so I’ve been working on a little something for the office baby shower.

Adorable, right?! 

I need to finish the sleeves and then I’m hoping to have time to make a matching hat.

Last week I finished a sock (no, not a pair…just a single sock) that I’ve had on the needles since February. You see, I had planned to knit a pair of socks per month for the entire year. I was clearly delusional when I decided that, since I’ve only managed to finish 2 pairs of socks this year. Ah, well. Anyways…the sock that had been ignored for so many months only took me a couple of nights of knitting to finish. But, of course there is a second sock to be made. In the meantime…have a look at the one I’ve managed to finish!

Well…my WIPs are calling me, so I better get back to knitting!

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You might want to put on some sunglasses

I have finished spinning the retina-searing yarn for my dear friend Aimee. I sort of lost spinning steam after the Tour de Fleece, but finally finished this today.

If you have those sunglasses handy, now would be the time to put them on:

The yarn is a whole lot brighter in person. It was playing tricks on my camera and didn’t want to be photographed in all it’s electric yellow glory. I think the light meter in the camera was over compensating for the brightness of the yarn, so the whole picture turned out a bit dark.

360-ish yards of electric yellow craziness

I mentioned in one of my recent posts that I’m going to be selling my project bags (and handspun) at a new yarn shop that’s opening up in town. Well, I’ve also been working on a sample knit for the shop in some yummy Shibui sock yarn.

Any ideas what this odd shaped thing could possibly be? 

It’s a baby sweater! 

I’ll post all the details when it’s finished (which will hopefully be soon!)…but so far it’s a really easy, peasy project.

Of course, there’s been lots of other crafting going on around these parts. Including a little bit of weaving with some Three Irish Girls yarn:

And some yarn wreath making:

In the midst of our heat wave last week, I decided that I needed a fall-inspired project to keep my mind off the fact that I was sweating profusely by just sitting in one spot. I had a few other things I needed to pick up at Jo-Ann’s, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that all their fall decorating supplies were 40% off. Score! So I picked up a few along with some fall colored felt and a straw wreath. I used this tutorial on the three irish girls blog. Though, truth be told, I didn’t actually look at the tutorial this time around since I’ve already made these before!

This wreath is quite a bit larger than the last ones I made, and I ended up using an entire skein of worsted weight yarn to cover it. I’ll be hanging this on our front door once I get some matching ribbon, and I think it’ll look great hanging there throughout the fall!

And of course we’ve also been trying to keep up with the massive amount of green beans our garden is producing as well as the tomatoes and fresno peppers!

We’ve managed to make another 1/2 batch of dilly beans and still have plenty of green beans to spare! The plants are showing no signs of slowing down, either! I’ve hung the fresno peppers up in the kitchen to let them dry so that we can use them this winter:

Why yes, that is a piece of yarn that they are tied to. 😉 Speaking of food…time to go make some dinner (and use up some more of those green beans!).


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Auction Sweaters

Phew. I really went right down to the wire on these baby knits for the auction for Mighty Oaks. But they’re done, and I think they were well worth the extra effort that went into them (more on that later…).

A couple of months ago when I decided I was going to knit baby sweaters for the auction I started looking around at patterns and trying to decide what yarn to use. I happen to pop onto the Wool Candy etsy site and find this adorable kit for sale:

And it turned into this:

Pattern: Saltwater Taffy Baby Sweater by Adrienne Hicks

Yarn: Wool Candy Fondant DK

Modifications: None, followed the pattern exactly as written.

The Wool Candy yarn was a dream to knit with. It’s gorgeously soft, has great stitch definition and makes a wonderfully cushy fabric. The pattern was well written and easy to follow.

Buttons are from Tessa Ann. I ordered them on a whim and they just arrived today and are perfect!

I decided to make a matching headband to accompany the sweater. For the headband part, I just knit in garter stitch for approximately 13 inches. The flower was knit from this pattern and sewn on.

The boy sweater for the auction didn’t go quite as smoothly as the Saltwater Taffy Sweater. I had decided on a pattern quite some time ago and ordered adorable buttons. After purchasing the pattern and knitting the entire body and an inch or two of the first sleeve I realized the sweater was HUGE despite my gauge matching the pattern’s gauge. After consulting a sizing chart, I discovered that instead of a 12-18 month size, it was more like a 3T size. Except that I had been following the length directions for the 12-18 month size, so the sweater was very wide and very short. UGH. Disaster. In a fit of annoyance, I ripped out the entire thing and searched for a new pattern. I’m happy to report that the second attempt went much better than the first attempt!

Pattern: Andalusia by Teresa Cole

Yarn: Wool Candy Fondant DK

Modifications: My gauge was a little off since the pattern calls for a true worsted weight yarn, so I followed the directions for the 12 month size in order to get a 9-12 month size. Two skeins of Fondant DK were just enough for a sweater and matching hat. I used every last yard of the yarn, though I suppose the hat could have done without the pom pom if necessary!

Dinosaur Buttons are from Lil’ Red Button Boutique , aren’t they adorable?!

I didn’t use a pattern for the hat, I just used the stitch counts from a couple of toddler hat patterns I had and knit a basic ribbed brim hat. I made the pom pom with the yarn that was leftover after binding off the hat.

The Andalusia pattern is definitely one I’ll be using again in the future. It was a straight-forward, well-written pattern that showcases hand-dyed yarn beautifully. The texture of the stitch patterns keeps the knitting interesting and looks fabulous. 

I wound up some handspun today to start a new project for myself! I think I’m going to knit some slippers with it, since my last pair of handknit slippers have several holes worn in them! I’ll be using this skein of handspun:

La-Di-Dum dyed by Two if by Hand as part of the Spring Spin-A-Long shipment.

Well, I think that’s it for now! I’m off to knit!

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A pile of WIPs

So it seems that I have quite a few projects on the needles right now. Technically, one of these is off the needles…but isn’t finished yet since it needs buttons.

First up is the WIP that just needs buttons:

I haven’t quite decided on buttons yet, which is really why it’s not finished. I found some cute purple buttons in my small button stash, but they were way too small. The pattern is the Saltwater Taffy Baby Cardigan by Adrienne Hicks of Wool Candy. I purchased the kit from her etsy shop and included in the kit was the pattern and enough Fondant Merino DK yarn for the sweater. There’s actually quite a bit leftover and I’m going to try and make a hat to match using the slip stitch pattern from the sweater. The sweater is for a silent auction for Mighty Oaks. Speaking of Mighty Oaks…my next WIP is going into the silent auction at the end of the month as well, but isn’t nearly as far along!

Also knit in Wool Candy Fondant DK, this will be a little boy sweater using the fabulous dinosaur buttons that I purchased at Lil’ Red Button Boutique on etsy. I’m really pleased with the way it’s knitting up, and the colors are amazing!

Next up is an adult sized sweater…for me!

Of course, all that’s really left is the sleeves. And we all know how much I love to knit sleeves (not!). However, these sleeves should go fairly fast once I sit down and devote a few hours to them. Aran weight yarn and size 10.5 needles help, that’s for sure! The pattern is the Solstice Cardigan by Cecily Glowick MacDonald and it’s knit in Quince & Co. Osprey. When I finish, I’ll write a more detailed review of the yarn…but let’s just say, I’ll definitely be buying more of this. Probably for one of these in the near future!

And lastly, for now anyways, is a shawl I’ve been plugging away at.

Knit in Three Irish Girls Kells Sport Merino, my Scalene is growing little by little. I’m about 3/4 of the way through the first section, and it’s a great mindless project to work on.

I have no new spinning to show off, but should have some new project bags in the next few days. I spent a good part of the day today piecing together some bags. And also working on a secret project that I’ll be able to show you sometime next week.

In non-fiber arts news, Seth completed the Peterson Ridge 40-miler last Sunday! We had a great weekend in Sisters hanging out with some other local ultra-runners. While Seth was racing, I spent most of the day driving to the various aid stations to watch him and bring him supplies. During one longer break, though, I drove back into town and spent some time shopping at the Stitchin’ Post. I could have spent a fortune in there, but was able to restrain myself and pick up just a few things that I, um, needed.

Seth coming through Aid Station 3

Why, yes. That is a track Seth is running on. Poor runners. They come around towards the finish line and then realize they have to run 3/4 of the way around the track to the actual finish line! See those hurdles back there? I saw a couple of runners hurdle them. But I’m fairly sure that they had only run the 20 mile race, and not the 40 miler. 

And just for fun….we’ll end with a Grey Poodle picture:

Maybe next post I’ll actually have finished one of those WIPs….or just maybe there will be more projects on the needles!

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