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Go Big or Go Home

By now, you all know that I’ve made a fair number of quilted project bags. My quilted bag making started when I became interested in quilting, but didn’t have the attention span (or enough coordinating fabric!) to make a full quilt. A while back, I ordered a pack of Fat Quarters from David Butler’s “Curious Nature” fabric line and it sat untouched because I felt like I really wanted to use it to make something large. And epic. Then I came across a quilt pattern that called for 12 FQs and some sheets from Ikea. I had 12 Curious Nature FQs, so I decided I’d make the quilt. A queen sized quilt. Dudes. Queen sized quilts are large….in case you didn’t already know that (90″x96″ for those wondering). Anyways…I ended up swapping out a couple of the fabrics to bring a little bit more feminine touch to the quilt and a brighter aqua color to brighten it up.

I spent the better part of today piecing the sashing and putting the quilt top together!

It’s awfully difficult to photograph a quilt top sitting on the lawn when it’s windy out!

Pattern: 12 + 2 = Q

Modifications: I ended up not using IKEA sheets for the sashing on the front of the quilt. When I went to IKEA, they only had 1 color flat sheet and it didn’t really go with my fabrics. I did end up buying a king size sheet set for the back (it was still cheaper to buy the whole sheet set than it would have been to buy fabric to cover the whole back), but went with some Kona Cotton for the sashing. I had to buy a little over 4 yards to piece together the sashing and I went with a darker color to hide the dog dirt that will inevitably make it’s way to the quilt.

Of course, there’s still the quilting and binding that need to be done! We’ll see how long that takes me or if I piece another quilt top before this one is even finished!


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