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E-Reader Cases!

So, I had planned on putting 4 e-reader cases into the shop (2 large and 2 small), but I’ve hit a little snag with the elastic. I have to partially deconstruct two of the cases and re-do the elastic. Those will probably be done and up in the shop tomorrow! But…for now, here’s the 2 that are for sale in the shop!

The case above is large enough to fit the Kindle Fire, Kindle Keyboard, older Kindle model (with keyboard), as well as an older (first generation, I think) Nook.

The case above is designed to fit the new (keyboard-less) Kindle, the Kindle Touch, and the new Nook.

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New in the etsy shop….

A few handwoven scarves! Initially I made these thinking I would be participating in one of the Holiday Craft Fairs at the hospital, but unfortunately we’ll be traveling during them this year. Sooo…I’ve decided to put them up in the etsy shop today!

The first and third scarves are already listed in the shop…the second one will be listed soon-ish. I just need to retake a couple of photos and then it will be up!

I’ll be back either later today or tomorrow with some WIPs and some spinning-in-progress 🙂

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New Kindle Cases!

A few new kindle cases up in the shop!

I think the cupcake one is my favorite! Go check ’em out!


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Shop Update Previews!

I apologize in advance for the super crappy pictures of the project bags! It got dark before I was able to snap some photos…there will be better ones tomorrow in the etsy shop! The bags and yarn will go up into the shop sometime in the middle of the day (pacific time)…between 11am-1pm, most likely.

There will be 2 bags and 3 skeins of yarn:

Sleeping Beauty

Rapunzel (she’s not quite so neon in real life!)

Obliviate on Superfine Merino – ~365 yards heavy fingering/light sport weight yarn

Purples and Posies on Merino – ~135 yards aran weight yarn

Albus on Rambouillet – yardage and weight to be determined (will probably end up being ~300 yards dk weight yarn)


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Tour de Fleece: Days 16, 17 & 18

Sick of my Tour de Fleece updates yet?! I do at least have some knitting to show you today, too!

But first, the spinning:

On Sunday and Monday, I worked on some Merino dyed by Melissa of Wool Therapy. Melissa has a great eye for color and does amazing gradient dyed braids. For you non-spinners out there, this basically means that the braid is dyed in just a few colors with large blocks of color. There’s a good example here. These braids are great for navajo-plying to make a yarn that will stripe when knit. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the braid before I started spinning it…but here’s the finished yarn:

This skein will be making it’s way into the etsy shop sometime later this week along with some other handspun and a couple of project bags.

Today I worked on some Rambouillet dyed by Two if by Hand, and spun about half the braid:

I had almost forgotten how much I love spinning Rambouillet. It has such a nice bounce to it and is incredibly soft.

Last night I started my Camp Loopy project number 2, which is a pair of cabled mittens. I’m actually using a fingerless mitt pattern from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts, but I’m going to modify the pattern to turn them into mittens.

The lovely yarn is Wool Candy Biscotti Merino, which is a sport weight yarn with fantastic stitch definition. The color is a tad more blue than in the picture, and I’ve actually separated the thumb and knit a couple more inches since the photo was taken.

I’ll do a post about the upcoming shop update tomorrow (tentatively scheduled for thursday) with details about what will be going up in the shop!

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Tour De Fleece: Day 3

While I didn’t finish a skein of yarn today, I did get quite a bit of spinning done. I picked out another braid of fiber that was designated for the shop, and decided to spin a fairly thin finished yarn.

Two if by Hand BFL in “Defense Against the Dark Arts”

After I finished the first bobbin of singles, I decided to pick up and move outside to enjoy the nice weather.

I put the pre-drafted fiber in a big mixing bowl so it didn’t pick up any dirt from the patio while I was spinning.

Bobbin in motion

Finished bobbins to be plied tomorrow.

Tomorrow the plan is to ply the two bobbins I spun up today, and potentially start a new braid of fiber.

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Jewelry Up in the Shop!

A couple of weeks ago I came across this tutorial and decided I wanted to make some earrings and rings. I ordered supplies from various etsy sellers, and the earring posts finally arrived on Saturday. While Seth was running on Sunday morning, I got to work and made a few rings and lots of earrings.

Fun, right?

I won’t bore you with pictures of all of them, but here are a few pics:

These earrings measure about 18mm across, and are listed in the shop for $10 + shipping

The rings measure 22mm across and are listed in the shop for $12 + shipping

Small flower earrings are available in a wide range of colors and are listed for $8 + shipping

I only ordered a couple of these roses, but I love them! They’re also listed at $8 + shipping

I received 2 pairs of these cabochons with the earring backs and they are up in the shop for $8 + shipping

The jewelry will likely be a “limited edition” item in the shop. I will still be focusing on handspun yarn and project bags, but will be hopefully selling the jewelry at a holiday craft fair in the late fall. I wanted to try them out well before that time and see how people like them!

I’m headed out of town on Friday (more on that to come), so the next handspun update will likely be the last week in May…but there is the possibility of a skein or two here and there before then!

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