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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone’s 2012 is off to a great start! I thought I’d ring in the new year by showing off my last few knits from 2011! There are a few…so let’s get started!

Pattern: Ragtop by Susan Lawrence

Yarn: Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino Worsted in Eiffel Tower

Mods: None! I’ve worked with Glenhaven before, so I knew these would turn out super luxurious feeling and be really warm. These were a gift for one of my cousins, though this was another gift that was tough to give up!

The Ragtop pattern was very easy to follow and has a very well-fitting thumb gusset. I love the long ribbing at the cuff that you can tuck inside your jacket!

Next up is a hat I made for one of the people who was watching Sailor while we were back on the east coast. She took him for extra walks and made sure he got plenty of exercise while we were away! I dug through my stash and found the perfect yarn to make a nice and cozy hat!

Pattern: Rathcooney by Carol Feller from Contemporary Irish Knits

Yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Merino DK in Fig

Mods: I used a lighter-than-called-for yarn, but was getting gauge (or pretty close to gauge) so no mods were needed. I think I ended up making the middle size and it fit me perfectly and would easily accommodate a smaller or larger head circumference.

I got Contemporary Irish Knits as a Christmas gift and I was glad to be able to pull something from my stash and make use of the book so quickly. There are a whole host of great patterns in the book and I’ll definitely be pulling it out on a regular basis.

Now…the next handknit was a gift for Seth’s Dad. He likes wearing skull cap style hats and Seth had a design idea he wanted me to try. While we were flying back to the east coast, Seth charted out the design and I swatched and re-swatched until we came up with something he liked. I’m going to make a longer version for Seth and when I do, I’ll think about writing up a pattern for it.

Pattern: Seth’s design!

Yarn: Becoming Art Cielo Sport

The Cielo Sport was wonderful to work with and I think I should have enough to eek out another hat for Seth. If not, I’ll snag another skein at Stash!

Are you tired of looking at handknits yet? Just one more, I promise! This next one is actually something I’m keeping! My cousin Anne released a new hat pattern while I was deep in the midst of Christmas knitting. I promptly ordered the yarn that she had used and promised myself that as soon as my gifts were completed I’d make myself a new hat. Well, I sort of cheated a bit. My parents’ gifts weren’t done in time for Christmas, but I couldn’t resist casting-on a couple of days after Christmas. We took Sailor on a short hike today and Seth snapped some photos while we were out.

Pattern: Fartlek by Knitspot

Yarn: Spirit Trail Holda (lambswool/cashmere/angora) in Winter Solstice

Modifications: None. My hat came out a bit less slouchy that the pattern samples, but I knit a smallish size and haven’t blocked it yet. I actually love the way it fits and it kept my head toasty warm while we were hiking today.

The pattern was, of course, easy to follow and fun to knit. And the yarn was AH-mazing. It’s super soft, but knits up into a nice dense (but not stiff) fabric that is perfect for this hat. Seth took a gazillion photos because it was so gorgeous in the Old Growth forest today, but I’ll only make you look at one or two more!

Happy New Year!

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A Couple of Christmas Hats

This year there were quite a few hats on my Christmas knitting list. Hats are relatively quick to knit and really, who doesn’t need a hand knit hat for the chilly weather? One of my brother-in-laws lives in NYC and the other (and his wife) love to ski…so I thought hats would be the perfect gift for them.

Pattern: Wanderer Cap by Jared Flood from Weekend Hats

Yarn: Dream in Color Classy in colorway Gray Tabby

Modifications: None. I actually managed to knit two of these (one for each brother-in-law) out of one skein of DIC Classy, which is fantastic. The pattern is easy to follow and the resulting hat is a great mens or unisex hat. It knit up very quickly, which is always a bonus!

I love the way the crown decreases look! 

I really can’t say enough great things about the book Weekend Hats. This was my first knit from the book, but then I went on and knit the Leaves Long Beanie as well. There are a bunch of other patterns from the book that are on my short list of “hats to knit soon-ish”!

Now onto my sister-in-law’s hat!

Pattern: Cranberry Sauce by Brittany Taylor

Yarn: Sweet Georgia Superwash Chunky in Riptide

Modifications: None. The Sweet Georgia Chunky was a dream to work with and looks fantastic in the cable pattern of this hat. The yardage is generous and I probably had enough leftovers to do a pom pom or ear flaps (so in other words, one skein can get you a cabled, ear-flapped hat if you so desired!). This hat will definitely stay on my “last minute gift” list…I had at least two people try and steal it before I could send it off (I’m looking at you Aimee and Teena!).

The Sweet Georgia color palate is just to-die-for. When the shipment of the Sweet Georgia Chunky came into Stash, I drooled over all of the colors but was particularly drawn to Riptide. Thankfully I was able to snag a skein before they all sold out! There are plenty of other gorgeous colors, too, but for some reason Riptide called to quite a few knitters!

How about one more hat before I go? This one went to one of my cousins….I had a really hard time deciding what to knit for her. She lives in NYC and has a great sense of style…I wanted to make sure I made something she would wear and that would fit her stylish lifestyle 😉

Pattern: Rosebud by Jared Flood (Yes, I do love his patterns…)

Yarn: The Plucky Knitter Primo (Merino/Cashmere/Nylon) in Garnet Martini

Mods: None! I followed the instructions for the shorter/less slouchy version of the hat. I have to admit, this was a tough hat to part with! Thankfully I have plenty more of the yarn in the same exact color and I’ll definitely be making myself one in the very near future.

How gorgeous is that humongous cable?! And I love the detail of the two smaller cables on either side of the larger one. And in Plucky Primo? A match made in heaven, I tell you.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! I know we sure did. Unfortunately, something happened to the memory card in my camera and I lost all the pictures I took yesterday of our Kenyan/Polish/Swedish Christmas dinner that we shared with some good friends of ours! I’ll be back in a few days with some more Christmas gift knitting!

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Leaves Long Beanie

Boy, I’m totally slacking in the blogging department as of late. I blame this on several things. First, I’ve been doing mostly knitting of the top-secret Christmas variety. Thankfully, some of those will be going to their recipients next week and I’ll have something to share! Secondly, I’ve been doing quite a bit of drawstring bag sewing because they’re selling like hotcakes over at Stash! And lastly, we’re headed back east on Friday so I’ve been doing last minute Christmas shopping, packing, laundry, wrapping, and knitting!

Before I show you my most recent FO (well, my most recent that can safely make an appearance on the blog), let me just show you what making many drawstring bags does to ones brain. I sewed up a few bags for Black Friday shopping and then Sonia asked me to make 6-8 more for December. I did all of the cutting in one sitting, sewed up the layers the next day and went to put them all together. Two of my bags looked something like this:

Ummm, why were the outsides an inch smaller  than the linings? No idea. No worries though, I trimmed the linings and everything worked out in the end! Now onto the Leaves Long Beanie!

Pattern: Leaves Long Beanie by Melissa LaBarre from the book Weekend Hats

Yarn: Dream in Color Classy in a color whose name I can’t remember!

Modifications: None!

Please excuse the sorta creepy picture. It’s the picture that best shows off the pattern motif on the hat! 

This is the second hat pattern I’ve made from Weekend Hats and both patterns have been well-written, easy to follow, and has a fantastic finished product. I think I’ll be reaching for this book over and over again for gifts. This particular hat was made for one of Seth’s co-workers as a Secret Santa gift. She loved it and it fit her perfectly!

We’re headed out on Friday to visit family for a week or so…I might be back in this space before we return, but possibly not! I hope you’re all having a lovely December so far!

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