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A Few FOs

I have a few FOs to show off (2 of mine and one that my sister made while she was here). Let’s start with the one my sister made, shall we?

My sister is an early intervention and preschool special educator which means she spends a good deal of time working with kiddos in their home or preschool environment. She mentioned that she had seen a fabric memory game on Pinterest. There were a couple of different ones, but we ended up following this tutorial. Instead of using a printable icon of some sort, she just picked out one semi-solid fabric to use on all of the squares.

Adorable, right?

I let her go crazy with my scraps and she fussy cut 15 different fabrics for 30 total squares. She also made a drawstring bag for all the squares.

Next up is another sample knit for Stash:

Pattern: Turbulence Cowl by Laura Chau

Yarn: Shibui Merino/Alpaca in Suit and Ash

Modifications: Why, oh why am I always running out of yarn?! I aimed to knit this cowl in one skein of each color, but I ran out of the main color (Ash) with 4 rows left of the cowl. Instead of breaking into a second skein for 2 rows with that color, I bound off 4 rows early. I think the culprit was using a yarn that is more dense than the suggested yarn. At any rate, if I hadn’t pointed out that there were 4 rows missing, I doubt anyone would notice.

Yes, I realize it somewhat resembles a tube top. However, it is not. 

I actually made my blogging debut over on the stash blog today, and you can read more about the Turbulence Cowl and the fabulous Shibui Merino/Alpaca yarn over there!

And last, but certainly not least….a new pair of socks! I knit these as part of a Knit-a-Long at Stash and finished them up just in time (the deadline is Wednesday)!

Pattern: Paper Moon Socks by AnneLena Mattison from Knitty, Deep Fall 2011

Yarn: Sweet Georgia CashLuxe Fine in Savory (I think…I’ll have to double check at Stash)

Modifications: No intentional modifications. But honestly? The gusset and heel flap directions could have been more clear. I did what I thought the pattern was telling me to do, but my gusset looks a little bit different and I think there was an extra row that resulted in a little hole (which I closed up by picking up a stitch from the row below and knitting it together with the next stitch). I’m pleased with the finished product, but I think next time I would start with fewer stitches, as the toe is a bit boxy for me.

I love the look of the garter stitch on either side of the cables.

 The Sweet Georgia yarn was a true pleasure to work with. The resulting fabric is really soft and squishy, but seems like it will hold up over time. One of the socks survived a trip around the yarn in Sailor’s mouth today, so I consider that a win. And the colors are gorgeous. I think I’ll be picking up one of the other colors we have at the shop to make a shawlette or possibly even a summer sweater.

Perfect St. Patty’s Day Socks, I think! 

In other knitting news, I’m still plugging away on my Julissa sweater and am finally working on the sleeves. Tragically, one of them needs to be ripped out because the yarn I started using is much lighter and it’s pretty obvious. Thankfully it’s only about half a sleeve’s worth of ripping and not the whole thing!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


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Wild West Coast Weather!

We’ve had quite a wild weather week since I was last here! We’ve had snow, flooding, and high winds! It rarely snows here (it’s snowed about once a winter since we’ve moved here), and it’s always  kind of exciting when the white stuff starts falling from the sky.

Sailor, of course, loves the snow and gets a little crazy as soon as there’s enough in the yard to run through! (he also got a haircut…doesn’t he look handsome?!)

After the snow we had ridiculous amounts of pouring rain that left western Oregon in a bit of trouble. Thankfully, most people in Corvallis made out alright and only had to deal with the inconvenience of roads being closed. The trails were closed for a few days due to landslides, but the rain slowed down at the end of the week and the rivers have all started to go down.

Unfortunately, I don’t have much crafting to show off on the blog (my biggest excuse for being absent from this space for over a week!). Not that I haven’t been working on things, because I have. My Julissa sweater is coming along nicely, and I have about an inch of ribbing left on the body before I’m ready to bind off and start the sleeves.

Stash just started it’s first Knit-A-Long, so I do have  a little something to show off! The KAL has knitters either working on the Paper Moon Socks or the Hado Slouch hat. I’ve been dying for an excuse to buy some of the new sock yarns at the shop, so I choose the socks. I cast-on last Wednesday at Stitch Night and have made really good progress on the first sock. I have about 8 more rows and I’ll be done with the first sock!

I LOVE them! I’m planning on finishing tonight, so I can cast-on for the second one at Stitch Night (or possibly before) and hopefully I’ll avoid second sock syndrome.

The garter stitch on either side of the cables is a nice touch, I think. 

I promise I’ll be back soon with more exciting craftiness!

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