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Betiko Shawl for Mom

So…while  I did get many gifts done in time for the holidays (including a pair of cashmere mitts for my sister which I apparently never photographed!), I did not finish (okay, even start) gifts for my parents in time for Christmas. When my Mom was visiting over Thanksgiving, she pointed out a shawl pattern that she really liked while we were at Stash and also pointed out that she really liked the one on the cover of the pattern. I went digging through ravelry and found out that I actually had one skein of the yarn the shawl was made out of in the exact same color. Only problem was that the pattern called for at least 2 skeins. I quickly shot off an e-mail to the lovely Purl Diva to see if she happened to have any of that yarn in that color. And she did! Problem solved.

Pattern: Betiko by Lee Meredith (size large)

Yarn: Malabrigo Twist in Velvet Grapes

Modifications: This shawl pattern is a sort of “choose-your-own-adventure” recipe. I choose the large, worsted-weight size and followed the basic patterns for the garter-edged shawl. I shamelessly copied Lee Meredith’s version and my A=8 (the number of stitches of the top garter ridge) and the bottom edge was 6 stitches. The pattern has a TON of information in it, and definitely requires a read-through before starting. I’ll definitely make another one of these with one of the other edges or possibly even cables!

The finished large shawl is very generously sized and is super duper cozy!

The Malabrigo Twist was, of course, a joy to work with and blocked out beautifully. It’s supremely soft and squishy! I used about 2.5 skeins for the large size…the small can definitely be made with just 2 skeins.

While we were out doing the photos, Seth looked over into the garden and said, “Hey, we have broccoli.” I honestly thought he was kidding…we had a terrible time with our broccoli this summer and never got so much as one head of broccoli. We went over and looked, and lo and behold…a single head of broccoli:

Go figure…only 8 months to grow a tiny head of broccoli. 

Well…on that note, I have a handspun shawl to photograph and a very dirty dog that needs to be taken to the dog wash for a bath! I’ll be back this weekend with pictures of the finished handspun shawl!


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