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Some Custom Spinning

I finished up a fairly large custom spinning order this week, and it was reskeined and shipped off to it’s new home today! The order ended up being about 19 ounces of fiber!

The first batch started off as 3 braids of FLUFF Fibers Rambouillet, but then after the first two skeins were done the customer decided that she wanted a 4th braid spun up as well!

There ended up being 1050 yards of dk-light worsted weight. 

These skeins are unbelievably squishy! 

The 5th skein was also dyed by FLUFF Fibers:

FLUFF Silky Cashmerino (50% Merino/25% Cashmere/25%Silk)

It ended up being quite the pile of handspun yarn!

Like the new tags? My friend Megan, who is a graphic designer, designed the logo for me! 

Want a sneak peek of something I’m working on for the shop?

I ordered some resin cabochons from several etsy shops and some ring bases and earring bases. I’m still waiting on the earring posts to arrive, but I made a couple of rings today!

Cute, eh?

I’ll be putting some up in the shop after I make a bunch!


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