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Sweet Little Soaker

A friend of mine from college asked me if I’d knit her a soaker to use with her little guy, and who can turn down an opportunity to knit something this cute? Surely not me.

Pattern: EviePants All-in-One by Marilyn Porter

Yarn: The variegated is Bear & Pants Cestari Fine (unknown color, I purchased it as part of a scrappies set) and the chocolate brown is Three Irish Girls Lindon Merino in Flourish

Modifications: I had Stacy measure her little guy and tell me the rise she wanted, how many inches his hips measured in the cloth diaper he was going to be wearing, and the measurement around the top of the leg. The EviePants pattern is totally customizable and fantastically easy to follow. There are options for soakers, longies, shorties, and skirties. The pattern gives basic size measurements, but also provides instructions for customizing to fit a specific child. The adorable yarn, of course, makes the whole thing come together. How adorable is little J going to look wearing that over his cloth diaper?!

In other knitting news, I finished my Camilla Pullover a few days ago! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures yet…but possibly tomorrow if Seth’s day on call isn’t too crazy and he arrives home before the sun sets! I will say that it is going to get a ton of wear and I’m totally pleased with how it came out!

My Mom was here visiting for a week for Thanksgiving and to celebrate my birthday (the big three-zero!). She picked up a rescue dog named Emi on her way here, and Emi and Sailor provided us with some good entertainment over the week!

Blog readers, meet Emi. My Mom found out about Emi on the Daily Puglet blog. You can read a little bit more about her story in this post on the rescue’s website (be prepared with a few tissues!). Emi was living with a foster family in San Jose and my Mom decided to reroute her flight on the way here and pick her up!

Sailor wasn’t quite sure what to do with Emi! He tried to play with her, but he’s so big and goofy he usually ended up just standing there looking like a big goof. Emi is superduper fast and thought it was pretty fun to chase Sailor around the yard.

Emi flying through the air at Sailor!

On Wednesday night we let the dogs lick out of the potato pot while we were making some dishes to bring to Thanksgiving dinner.

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner with my friend Betty and her family. There was lots of great food, birthday cake, and of course…knitting.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I’ll be back soon with pictures of my Camilla sweater and hopefully some DIY holiday decorations!

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A little bit of Paris

No, unfortunately I didn’t take a weekend long trip to Paris or anything crazy like that! But I did just finish a knitting project with yarn inspired by Paris dyed by Three Irish Girls.

Pattern: Multnomah by Kate Elsa – sort of (see Mods)

Yarn: Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino Worsted in Parisienne (variegated) and Eiffel Tower (semi-solid)

Modifications: Many. Let’s see….the pattern calls for fingering weight yarn and I used worsted weight and size 10 needles. I began the pattern just like the directions in Multnomah and knitted the body until I ran out of Parisienne and had 199 stitches. Then I decided I didn’t want to do the feather and fan border, and that I wanted a ribbed border instead. So I did an increase row and kfb (knit front and back) in every third stitch. I knit in 2×2 rib for 2 inches and bound off in pattern. I kept the YO increases down the center through the ribbing. So it’s a Multnomah, but not.

I wanted a small shawlette that I can just wrap around my neck. Anything larger would be too heavy in worsted weight garter stitch, I think. 

The Eiffel Tower grey is gorgeous….I can see a sweater quantity of this in my future.

Since my spinning mojo has apparently returned, I also spun up some really pretty fiber from a new-to-me dyer.

Bee Mice Elf BLF/Silk in Stormy

I ended up with about 500 yards of fingering-weight singles. This will likely be headed for the etsy shop soon.

Apparently it was a crafty sort of day here, as I also finished a woven scarf:

Three Irish Girls Adorn in Driftwood

And now for a couple pictures of everyone’s favorite grey poodle:

Now, Sailor doesn’t typically make a habit of sitting on our bed. He doesn’t sleep with us, but is allowed up if only one of us is in the bed. The other morning he hopped up in bed with me when Seth was getting ready for work. A little while after I got up, I went back in the bedroom to see what he was up to (and to make sure he was staying out of trouble!) since I heard him barking. He was sitting at the head of the bed, resting his chin on the windowsill!

Goofy Dog….he loves looking out the window and keeping tabs on the neighborhood!

Hopefully I’ll have some sweater progress to show next time!

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Starting to Take Shape

The backyard is really coming together and starting to look fabulous! More stone was laid yesterday, and today we took 2 truck loads of garbage to the landfill (concrete blocks and rotted wood from the deck), and brought 2 truck loads of bark nuggets (yes, they’re called bark nuggets at the landscaping place) home!

Check it out:

It’s crazy how much better it looks now that the pile of concrete is gone and the bark nuggets are down!

We’ll probably plant some low flowers where the bark chips are.

Steps up into the yard.

How awesome does the step look with the brick around the bottom and the stone top? Pretty awesome, I say.

Better picture of the fabulous stone topped table.

More fabulous stonework.

Still no knitting/spinning/sewing to show! But I do have some custom handspun skeins that are drying, so I’ll take pictures of those tomorrow before I ship them off to their new owner!

Oh…but before I go….a pic of our very large lap dog:


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More Backyard Progress!

Fence is back up, stone is being laid, and the backyard is looking awesome! Here are some photos from Friday and Saturday’s progress:

New fence in progress….the kayaks are now hanging on it and there’s a door on the left.

Seth laying stone on the patio

Completed fence, kayak storage and patio in progress! Doesn’t the stone work look amazing?!

Our awesome stone top table/countertop. The grill is going to go next to it when everything is done.

Sailor decided that the ditch next to the concrete pad was a fun place to lay.

There’s a bit more of the stonework on the patio done, but I don’t have pictures. I’ll make sure to take some tomorrow after another day of work!

Someday I’ll have knitting/spinning/sewing on the blog again!

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A Nook Case for Aimee!

My very good friend Aimee recently purchased a Nook e-reader, and I promised to make her a quilted case to keep her Nook cozy and safe. Thankfully, the Nook is the same size as my Kindle so I didn’t have to guess as to the fit. Aimee had mentioned that she really liked a certain bag that had been up in the etsy shop, and I used the same fabrics to make her Nook case.

Pretty cute, huh? 

I used a tutorial that I found here. It was a great tutorial and was nice that I didn’t have to figure out the measurements of everything. The whole thing took about an hour including cutting, pressing, sewing, more pressing, and more sewing. Though, many of the pieces I took from scraps and were quite close to the measurements I needed, so the cutting time was very short.

The only modification to the tutorial/pattern I made was to use a piece of fabric as the loop instead of a piece of twine. It suggested cotton yarn as an alternative, but I didn’t think it would be sturdy enough.  

That’s my Kindle hanging out in Aimee’s case trying it out for size!

I forgot to take pictures of the back and the lining, but I assure you, it’s fabulous.

We spent a bit of time in our own personal construction site, otherwise known as our backyard, this weekend. Seth ripped down the tall fence/wall on Saturday. And by ripped down, I mean he unattached it from the shorter fence and basically kicked it over. Good to know it was nice and sturdy….or not.

Here’s what the backyard looked like on Saturday as we (mostly Seth…I did a lot of pounding down of nails) disassembled the fence:

Seth working hard.

I’m happy to report that all the fencing on the ground has been taken apart and cleared out. Tomorrow’s agenda includes finishing the removal of the ugly bush/tree to clear a space for a kayak storage something-or-other. I’m told it will look like an Adirondack Lean-To.

Sailor hung out in the backyard with us all weekend:

Sailor sporting his new summer haircut.

I think that’s all the news for now! Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


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A pile of WIPs

So it seems that I have quite a few projects on the needles right now. Technically, one of these is off the needles…but isn’t finished yet since it needs buttons.

First up is the WIP that just needs buttons:

I haven’t quite decided on buttons yet, which is really why it’s not finished. I found some cute purple buttons in my small button stash, but they were way too small. The pattern is the Saltwater Taffy Baby Cardigan by Adrienne Hicks of Wool Candy. I purchased the kit from her etsy shop and included in the kit was the pattern and enough Fondant Merino DK yarn for the sweater. There’s actually quite a bit leftover and I’m going to try and make a hat to match using the slip stitch pattern from the sweater. The sweater is for a silent auction for Mighty Oaks. Speaking of Mighty Oaks…my next WIP is going into the silent auction at the end of the month as well, but isn’t nearly as far along!

Also knit in Wool Candy Fondant DK, this will be a little boy sweater using the fabulous dinosaur buttons that I purchased at Lil’ Red Button Boutique on etsy. I’m really pleased with the way it’s knitting up, and the colors are amazing!

Next up is an adult sized sweater…for me!

Of course, all that’s really left is the sleeves. And we all know how much I love to knit sleeves (not!). However, these sleeves should go fairly fast once I sit down and devote a few hours to them. Aran weight yarn and size 10.5 needles help, that’s for sure! The pattern is the Solstice Cardigan by Cecily Glowick MacDonald and it’s knit in Quince & Co. Osprey. When I finish, I’ll write a more detailed review of the yarn…but let’s just say, I’ll definitely be buying more of this. Probably for one of these in the near future!

And lastly, for now anyways, is a shawl I’ve been plugging away at.

Knit in Three Irish Girls Kells Sport Merino, my Scalene is growing little by little. I’m about 3/4 of the way through the first section, and it’s a great mindless project to work on.

I have no new spinning to show off, but should have some new project bags in the next few days. I spent a good part of the day today piecing together some bags. And also working on a secret project that I’ll be able to show you sometime next week.

In non-fiber arts news, Seth completed the Peterson Ridge 40-miler last Sunday! We had a great weekend in Sisters hanging out with some other local ultra-runners. While Seth was racing, I spent most of the day driving to the various aid stations to watch him and bring him supplies. During one longer break, though, I drove back into town and spent some time shopping at the Stitchin’ Post. I could have spent a fortune in there, but was able to restrain myself and pick up just a few things that I, um, needed.

Seth coming through Aid Station 3

Why, yes. That is a track Seth is running on. Poor runners. They come around towards the finish line and then realize they have to run 3/4 of the way around the track to the actual finish line! See those hurdles back there? I saw a couple of runners hurdle them. But I’m fairly sure that they had only run the 20 mile race, and not the 40 miler. 

And just for fun….we’ll end with a Grey Poodle picture:

Maybe next post I’ll actually have finished one of those WIPs….or just maybe there will be more projects on the needles!

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