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Flamboyan Shawl

I finished my shawl for Camp Loopy (well, not the official one since I didn’t purchase the yarn there…) on Friday night after knitting for a couple of hours in the car and finishing up the last few rows at the hotel!

Pattern: Flamboyan by Steven West

Yarn: The base yarn is Sanguine Gryphon’s bugga! base (merino/cashmere/nylon), but I purchased it undyed and sent it to Wool Therapy to be dyed. Didn’t she do an amazing job?!

Modifications: I was going to say none…but then I remembered that the pattern called for fingering weight yarn and size 5 needles. I used size 6 needles and sportweight yarn. But other than that, I followed the pattern exactly and had plenty of yarn leftover. The body of the shawl is knit from 3 balls of yarn, which was really annoying for the first handful of rows. Once the rows became a bit longer and I didn’t have to juggle the yarn quite so frequently, it wasn’t so bad. The yarn was gorgeous to knit with, so the never-ending ruffle was actually enjoyable! The pictures are of the shawl unblocked. I’m not sure I’ll block it much larger, and it looks surprisingly good before blocking!

The shawl can be worn a variety of ways and is large enough to stay put, which I love.

I’m beyond pleased with the finished product! And I think I’ve developed a shawl addiction….now to figure out which shawl to cast on for next!

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Let’s Go Camping!

Not real camping, don’t be silly! The Loopy Ewe is hosting “Camp Loopy 2011”, and I’ve decided to “sort of” join. The basic gist is that there will be 3 monthly project challenges (June-July, July-August, and August -September) and you can knit to win prizes. However, in order to win prizes and really participate, you need to buy your yarn from The Loopy Ewe. And since I need more yarn like I need another hole in the head, I’ll be joining some other folks on Ravelry in our own “Camping Trip”. There will be a prize each month, and it’s totally acceptable to use stash yarn. Perfect.

The first challenge, which started on June 15th, is to knit a “two colored project in a shawl, cape, or scarf.” I knew exactly what yarn I wanted to use, but went through about 5 different pattern choices before settling on Flamboyan by Steven West.

It doesn’t look like much yet, but I assure you it’ll be gorgeous. The yarn was dyed by the lovely Melissa of Wool Therapy. I had purchased some Naked Bugga! from The Sanguine Gryphon last summer when I though I might get into dyeing my own yarn and fiber. It’s been sitting unloved since then because I didn’t want to ruin it with my shoddy dyeing. Melissa and I did a trade a few weeks ago where I sent her a Kindle Case I had sewn and she sent me some Organic Merino fiber from her shop. Then I asked her if she could do a custom dyeing job for me with the 2 skeins of Bugga! base. And yes, Bugga! does have an exclamation point after it! I told her I wanted a dark purple and a silvery color to pair together for a shawl. It. Is. Gorgeous. She totally knocked it out of the park.

Let’s have another look, shall we?

Long way to go…but hopefully I’ll be able to finish by the July 15th deadline!

In other fibery news, one of my favorite indie dyers has been doing Harry Potter themed updates! Now, I’m normally a sucker for their hand dyed fiber….but, Harry Potter inspired hand dyed fiber? Unable. To. Resist. Apparently I’m a sucker for a gimmick! That being said, I’ve gotten some really gorgeous braids of fiber in the mail! I won’t bore you with all of them…but I’ll show you a couple of my favorites.

“Obliviate” on Superwash Merino

“Albus” on Rambouillet

“Shrieking Shack” on Shetland

Seriously, I would be perfectly happy only ever buying fiber from Two if by Hand. Ceylan and Maria rock!

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