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Spring Garden Tee and a TDF Update!

I’ve been knitting and spinning my fingers off lately and I have quite a few things to show off as a result! The Tour de Fleece has been going on, and while I haven’t made too much progress with my spinning I have finished a couple of skeins of yarn!

Left: Nuclear Pie on Falkland, Top Right: Boardwalk on SW Merino, Bottom Right: Heather Violet on Organic Merino – all fiber by Two if by Hand

I’ve also been participating in the Summer KAL at Stash, and recently finished my Spring Garden Tee!

Pattern: Spring Garden Tee by Alana Dakos

Yarn: Be Sweet Bamboo in Light Aqua

Modifications: I made the top several inches shorter than the pattern calls for since I wanted a tee instead of a tunic. However, the 100% bamboo yarn grew quite a bit and I now have a tunic length top! I picked up all the underarm stitches and did edging just as I did for the neck. I had hoped that this would prevent the armholes from stretching out too much. I ended up leaving out a couple of raglan increases in order to make the finished chest measurement slightly smaller to account for the stretch I knew would happen. The last mod I made was to add a lace hem to the bottom of the top (I used the lace pattern from the sleeves).

Lace detail at the hem.

The Be Sweet Bamboo makes a lovely, drapey fabric…though, I don’t think I’d ever use it for an adult garment again. I do think I’ll get a lot of wear out of the top, but it definitely stretched over the course of the day wearing it. That said, it’d be lovely for lighter, summery accessories or baby/toddler/child tops!

Last weekend, our friend Laura was in Portland on a little West Coast adventure. We took her to Cannon Beach, Tillamook Cheese Factory, the Portland Saturday Market, and had a little knitting lesson!

Anyone recognize Haystack rock from the movie The Goonies?! 

I just cast-on for several new projects, so I’ll be back soon with progress pics of those and another TDF update!


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Tour de Fleece Wrap Up

I managed to squeeze in a little bit of spinning during the last day of the Tour. A few months ago (probably more months ago than I’d like to admit!), I ordered some colorwork kits from Two if by Hand. The kits came with 2 ounces of 2 different colors, meant to be spun up separately and then knit together. I’ve been putting off spinning these because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to knit with them. I spun up half of one of the kits on Sunday:

Two if by Hand MCN (merino/cashmere/nylon) in Comfort

I ended up with a bit over 100 yards of worsted weight yarn. I still have to spin up the coordinating color, but I suspect they’ll become something Christmasy.

I finally snapped a photo of the llama fiber I spun up a couple weeks back…it softened up a TON after washing (it had to be washed three times because the wool was so dirty!):

My knitting needles saw quite a bit of action today, mostly prompted by the release of Brooklyn Tweed’s Wool People. A few knitting designers that I follow on twitter had tweeted links this morning, and of course I clicked. And then swooned over all the wooly goodness. Wool People is a collection of patterns all designed by different knitting designers and knit with Brooklyn Tweed’s Shelter yarn. I’m going to go ahead and assume that Jared Flood (the designer behind Brooklyn Tweed and Shelter Yarn) took all the photographs for the patterns (he’s a photographer as well as a knitting designer). The photographs are gorgeous and the patterns (with maybe one or two exceptions) are all things I can picture on my knitting needles. In particular, there are a couple of sweaters in the collection that I want to knit RIGHT. NOW. However, I promised myself I’d finish the sweater I have on the needles before purchasing yarn for another sweater. Well, that prompted a day filled with knitting and an entire sleeve’s worth of progress! I  think that my first Wool People sweater will be this one.

Anyways…here’s a not so great picture of the sweater-in-progress:

All that’s left is the feather-and-fan collar/front band and blocking! I don’t know why I waited so long to finish this sweater!

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Tour de Fleece: Days 12, 13 and 14

Huh. Well, I guess it’s been a while since I showed my Tour de Fleece spinning. I spun up 8 ounces of undyed llama that I don’t have pictures of, but I do have pictures of my last 3 days worth of spinning.

First up is some Falkland that I spun over the last 3 days:

Falkland dyed by Two if by Hand in colorway “Weak Vegan”

Spun up into singles on days 12 and 13 of the Tour

Navajo-plied on day 14

I ended up with approximately 265 yards of sport-weight yarn.

This skein is headed for my personal stash because I can’t bear to part with it. I knew from the minute the braid of fiber arrived in the mail that I’d be keeping it for myself. I really enjoyed spinning the Falkland. It’s not as soft as merino, but it spins up into a very soft, smooth yarn. And it drafts like a dream…it was very easy to spin a thin, even single.

Then, this afternoon I started spinning a braid of Merino:

Merino dyed by Two if by Hand in colorway “Obliviate”

Although I think this braid of fiber would also look gorgeous navajo-plied, I think I’ll stick to a traditional 2-ply.

I also finished another weaving project! Another simple scarf, but this time in lighter weight yarn:

Woven in Happiest Girl Dyeworks Matte in colorway “Marianas Trench”

I love the way this yarn looks woven, especially how it has a plaid sort of look to it.

The yarn isn’t quite as soft as I’d like, but I’m hoping it will soften up a little bit once it’s washed.

In knitting news, I’ve picked my Estelle Cardigan back up and just finished the first sleeve. I’m also itching to make another shawl, but I haven’t decided on yarn or a pattern yet! Camp Loopy’s project number 2 starts today, but I’m still undecided about what to make. The guidelines say that the project needs to be socks, mittens, or gloves with cables. Initially, I thought I’d try and do some crazy cabled socks, but I have 2 pairs of unfinished socks already. So, I’ll probably end up going with mittens. But as far as pattern and yarn choice, who knows!

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Tour de Fleece: Days 4, 5 and 6

My spinning has slowed down quite a bit…but I do have some progress to show:

Day 4 progress: Plied “Defense Against the Dark Arts” BFL

Day 6 progress: approximately 3 ounces of llama fiber 

I didn’t do any spinning on Day 5….but I did do some sewing, weaving, and knitting!

I added a couple of new things to the shop today and there is still a kindle case and project bag still up:

Kindle/Nook case made with Heather Ross fabrics

Project bag using Valori Well’s Nest Fabrics

Yesterday, I picked out some yarn that has been sitting in my stash for a while with no real plans and warped up the loom and started weaving.

Happiest Girl Dyeworks Matte Yarn in Marianas Trench

My Flamboyan shawl for Camp Loopy has seen some action the last couple of days, and I finally made it to the ruffle. I have about half of the ruffle done, but there are tons of stitches on the needle so each row seems to take FOREVER! I’m hoping it’ll be done by the end of the weekend.

The garter stitch is unbelievably squishy!

We’re headed to southern Oregon this weekend so that Seth can run the SOB 50K, so I’ll be back on Monday with a weekend report…and hopefully a finished shawl 😉

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Tour De Fleece: Day 3

While I didn’t finish a skein of yarn today, I did get quite a bit of spinning done. I picked out another braid of fiber that was designated for the shop, and decided to spin a fairly thin finished yarn.

Two if by Hand BFL in “Defense Against the Dark Arts”

After I finished the first bobbin of singles, I decided to pick up and move outside to enjoy the nice weather.

I put the pre-drafted fiber in a big mixing bowl so it didn’t pick up any dirt from the patio while I was spinning.

Bobbin in motion

Finished bobbins to be plied tomorrow.

Tomorrow the plan is to ply the two bobbins I spun up today, and potentially start a new braid of fiber.

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Tour de Fleece: Day 2

Why, yes. I am a gigantic dork and take part in things like “camping” by knitting, and “cycling” by spinning. The Tour de Fleece is basically a gigantic Spin-a-Long on Ravelry that takes place during the Tour de France. I missed the first day (yesterday) because we were busy dropping Seth’s Mom and Joe at the airport, grocery shopping, cooking, and then hosting a little dinner party out on the patio.

So…we’ll start off Le Tour with Day 2’s spinning:

250-ish yards of Organic Merino in “Life is a Session”, dyed by Two if by Hand 

I spun the entire thing today, which most definitely will not happen every day of the tour. The yarn will probably end up in the shop after it’s washed and dried.

Want to see some my second weaving project? Yes, of course you do!

The second scarf went much faster, despite the fact that it’s quite a bit longer than the first. I used MadelineTosh Tosh DK in Lichen, which is my absolute favorite MadelineTosh colorway. I always love the way the small bits of purple knit up, so I thought they’d look even better woven. And they do!

The edges look a MILLION times better than my first scarf!

I’m officially obsessed!

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